4 Steps For Avoiding Depression During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a very stressful and emotional time, for most mothers.

Your body is changing very quickly, your hormones are out of control, and you feel the burden of parental responsibility starting to take hold.

You may feel like it is easier to go to bed and sleep through the next nine months. However, this is probably just depression starting to set in.

There are things you can do to avoid depression, and alleviate the fears, frustration, and uneasiness you feel during pregnancy. Consider the following four tips for avoiding depression during pregnancy.depression

Step One: Make Sure You Are Ready To Be Pregnant

One of the most important things to do is wait to get pregnant until you feel secure in your ability to be a parent. While no one can ever feel that they know it all, or can do it all, there are times that are just not right in your life for getting pregnant.

Wait to conceive until you feel the stress of work, home, and life is not too much. Prepare for being pregnant and you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy, rather than getting depressed.

Step Two: Get Rid Of the Guilt

There will be days when the housework will not get done, the dishes will pile up, and you may not get out of your pajamas. This is perfectly fine.

Don’t feel guilty if there are days that you do not feel like doing everything you did before pregnancy. After all, you are dealing with nausea, muscle pain, and an increase in weight of twenty to thirty y pounds.

A normal person would need a day off if they experience these issues. The way to avoid depression is to understand that is ok to take a day to relax and rest.

Step Three: Talk With Your Doctor

pregnant womanIf you feel like you are becoming depressed, or you are sad most of the time, you should talk to your doctor. In some cases your depression could be caused by a lack of vitamins or minerals in your diet.

Your doctor may be able to help you find steps you can take naturally to combat your depression.

Depression is a medical condition, just like morning sickness or the flu. Your doctor is the logical person to talk to, about how you should deal with the condition.

Step Four: Find a Support Group

There will inevitably be days when it feels that everything is spiraling out of control, and you will doubt your ability to be a good mother. On these days you need a core network of friends and family that can help support you through these times.

This people should help you to understand that everyone doubts their ability to be a good parent. It will be helpful if some of the people in your group have already experienced pregnancy and motherhood.

These people can help you to understand that women, who have been a mother for years, still have doubts and feelings of being out of control.


  1. Step 4: Live a little! Whether you’re on your first pregnancy or your fifth, the new addition is sure to cause changes to your life, so live it up now. Also, pregnancy is something that happens for 40 weeks while regular life is still going on. Don’t forget to live regular life.

  2. Doing yoga is a great way to help relieve the depression and can bring a sense of well-being to your life.I strongly recommend yoga during pregnancy.


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