Acupressure Wristband To Deal With Morning Sickness

For many women, morning sickness is one of the earliest indicators of a pregnancy, and many women prefer not to take antiemetic to relieve morning sickness (which incidentally can strike at any time of the day to say nothing of anytime during the pregnancy) but prefer to go with alternative or natural remedies to deal with this common pregnancy symptom.

Many women want to keep medication down to a minimum during pregnancy and are also made uncomfortable by drowsiness that anti nausea drugs can induce.sea band

For this reason a wrist band designed by relying on the principles of acupressure may do the job of easing morning sickness.

An Acupressure wrist band like this one, available at Amazon or this Sea Band, claim to put gentle massaging pressure on the Nei-Kuan acupressure point of the wrist. The wrist band is adjustable and comfortable, and is said to ease nausea and even motion sickness.

The band uses a plastic stud to put pressure on the appropriate point on the wrist and the product comes with appropriate instructions to locate the particular point on the wrist. The great thing is that this may come in handy even after the pregnancy, for those who get motion sick!


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