Be Aware Of The Child Birth Process!

If it is your first delivery, you may not analyze the time of labor correctly and delivery can take place suddenly.

You can be aware of the child birth by the following three signs.

  • Pain in pelvic region while urinating
  • A blood like fluid discharges from the vagina suddenly
  • You will experience intermittent pain in the abdomen due to the contraction of the uterus.

If you notice any of the above signs, you can become alert that child birth can take place at any time and immediately join the hospital without delay.Child Birth Process

In the child birth process, baby is pushed out of the uterus by contractions and relaxations of specific muscles. The child birth process from labor pain to delivery is divided into three stages.

Stages of child birth:

Stage one: In stage one, upper part of the uterus muscles begin to contract. As a result, the cervix begins to thin out and dilate due to the pressure on the cervix blood vessels.

Contractions occur with intervals of five minutes. When the cervix is dilated, contractions occur at every three minutes that means the frequency is increased.

When contraction frequency is increased, cervix becomes more dilated. Now, the contractions occur for every two minutes and cervix becomes fully dilated. Once the cervix is fully dilated, baby’s head normally begins to emerge.

Stage two: In stage two, changes occur in nature of uterus contractions. If it is your first delivery, you start to take deep breaths and try to hold the breath at each contraction.

You feel the urge to defecate. You continue to tolerate the pain with every deep breath until the baby comes out completely from the uterus.

Once the baby comes out of the vagina, you feel to grasp your own legs. Fluids present in baby’s nose, mouth and respiratory passages are cleaned out.

Stage three: Once the child birth is over, uterus contractions cease and the muscles of the uterus relax. After few minutes, the contractions start again. The contractions increase gradually until the placenta is also expelled. Again the uterus returns gradually to the original position.

Alleviations of labor pains during child birth:

  • Expert doctor and trained nurse should be present at the time of child birth to bear the labor pains without much stress.
  • Your partner can stay with you at the time of child birth to support you physically and mentally.
  • If the pains are severe, doctor can give the injection to relax the uterus muscles, thus lessening the pain.
  • Sometimes, hypnotherapy is being used to reduce the labor pain in pregnant women.
  • For easy and pain free child birth, you should practice prenatal exercises during pregnancy period according to the doctor’s instructions.



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