36 Weeks Pregnant

-Fluctuating Energy Levels!

When you are 36 weeks pregnant, it might not seem like much of an exciting time, at least like the days that have gone by.

Maybe it is the time to make important arrangements like making sure you have a car to transport to the hospital when needed. Also you must decide who will accompany you to the hospit

The most important tasks that you need to do at this time are registering with an institute for the delivery, decorating your baby nursery, buying the necessary needs for your child and collecting the list of baby names.

36th week of pregnancy symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

Try to be comfortable

Welcome to the last month of your pregnancy. By pregnancy week 36, you will find yourself very hard to get a comfortable position.

Sleeping on the left side by placing a pillow between the legs and one at your back may be comfortable.

Still if you feel difficulty in sleeping, try drinking aglass of milk, or sleepy time tea. Taking a warm bath will also ease your discomfort.

This month, you will notice great fluctuations in your energy levels. Most of you will experience fatigue, but in this month, you will find that fatigue alternates with periods of extra energy.

It is perfectly natural to want to rest as it is ok to have difficulties while walking.

Anxiety and doubts

The last month of pregnancy can bring back the “pregnancy blues”. Boredom and anxiety are usually the feelings all women start to experience during this week and this is why maintaining a positive attitude is the way to go.

By the time you are 36 weeks pregnant, you will have gained weight of 25-30 pounds and you need to consume about 2400 calories per day.

36 weeks pregnant pictures

Exams and status

Now that you are in the last month of your pregnancy, you will have your initial internal exam to observe whether your cervix has softened, dilated, thinned or if your baby’s head is falling into your pelvis.

Remember that most of the women go to full term instead of total effacement, one or two centimeters of dilation and totally engaged fetal head.

Sex is safe provided you are careful

You and your partner can enjoy by making love till the end of pregnancy. Feel free to enjoy yourself provided you do not have any bleeding, your placenta is high and the membranes are intact. Studies have shown that prostaglandin in the semen helps to evolve your cervix and start the contractions, when the baby is ready.

If you are first time pregnant, it is essential for you to know about the signs of false and real labor in week 36 pregnancy.

Anxiety in 36 Weeks Pregnancy

Symptoms of false labor include:

  • Briefly intensifying the fetal movements with contractions
  • Contractions disappearing when you walk or change your position
  • Experiencing pain in the lower abdomen instead of lower back
  • Irregularity of contractions

Symptoms of real labor:

  • You can see that the cervical mucus plug has dropped when you go to the bathroom
  • The contractions are intensifying instead of subsiding with the activity
  • Experiencing the pain in your lower back and gradually spreading to the lower abdomen
  • Experiencing diarrhea
  • Frequent and more painful contractions
  • Rupturing of the membranes

Care you need to take when you are in week 36 pregnancy

  • Relax as much as you can and do not forget to talk to your baby.
  • If you are noticing severe changing in the baby’s movements, then contact your care giver.
  • Practice abdominal breathing. In case you are a Lamaze practitioner or in case you practiced pregnancy yoga, you most likely are familiar with the technique.
  • Remember that your anxiety is transmitted to the baby so do your best to keep calm and stay relaxed.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are 36 weeks pregnant

By this week, your 36 week fetus is about the size of 20.5 inches long and weighs up to 6 pounds.

Preparing for life outside the uterus

Your baby tries to learn how to live in the outside world. He/she tries to practice breathing, sucking, and swallowing. He or she is ready to swallow and digest milk.

By pregnancy 36 weeks, the baby’s bones are completely hardened and acquire a solid structure through which it can now make a grand entry into the new world. The muscle tone of your baby is also improved by this week and the baby’s gums will become very rigid.

The baby’s arms and legs will start to dimple at the elbows and knees and the creases will form around the neck and wrists because of the deposition of fat. The baby has little room to move; so you will not feel it as vigorously as you did in the last weeks.

Baby’s organs are maturing

Your baby’s kidneys are fully developed now and the only organ that is yet to mature is your baby’s lungs. When it comes to the genital development, if the baby is a girl, then her labia is now completely developed.  This week your baby may drop into your birth canal.

Tests to undergo in 36 weeks pregnancy

Do you know about non-stress test? This can be performed at the hospital or birth center in order to know about your baby’s wellbeing by using an external fetal monitor. Generally, this test lasts for 20 min to one hour. This test is to know about the baby’s heart rate and movements.

You need to undergo the non-stress test if you have any of the following conditions during the 36th week of pregnancy:

  • High blood pressure.
  • Gestational diabetes.
  • A post due date pregnancy.
  • Sudden decrease or increase in the fetal movements.

Consider breastfeeding

This is the week when your doctor will ask you whether you plan to breastfeed or not. Keep in mind that breastfeeding increases the immunity of the baby and also prevents the formation of cavities for the little one.

Stay relaxed

Statistics have proved that visualizing the labor process helps dealing with the labor pain. Also a positive state of mind and a relaxed attitude help the secretion of oxytocin which contributes to muscle relaxation.

Find out what to expect when you are 37 weeks pregnant.

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Signs of Labor in 36 Weeks Pregnant


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