38 Weeks Pregnant

-Only 2 More Weeks to Go!

You are 38 weeks pregnant now and your full term has already begun. It is no surprise that for some women this can be the last week of pregnancy.

You may actually start to wonder about how the baby will look and who it will resemble. Your doctor may want to keep you under a closer care, especially if you suffer from gestational diabetes or pregnancy induced high blood pressure.

Spend some time with your partner and make sure you talk about your feelings. Your dear ones are equally anxious to see your baby and they will be able to help you cope with being nervous before labor.

Just in few days, you will be able to see your little one for real. From this week onwards, there are only few changes that take place in you and your baby.

38th week of pregnancy symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

38 weeks pregnant pictures

Real contractions

By the 38th week of pregnancy, your back, pelvic region and lower belly will have real contractions, which are especially more painful and obnoxious.

You will identify when the actual ones kick in as they are more painful and they gradually extend over the whole uterus through the lower back and into your pelvis.

Remember that you need to keep track of your baby’s kicks and if you observe any change in the pattern, immediately call your practitioner.

Trouble sleeping and pain

If you still experience trouble in sleeping, try to take small naps during the day time.
If you feel unusual electrical stings in your legs and also inside of your vagina, then don’t worry about it, this is the time your little baby is hitting the nerves in order to settle into the pelvic region.

If you experience sharp pains rather than tingles, then it is the sign that your little one is pressing on your sensitive sciatic nerve. To overcome from this type of discomfort, it is suggested that you do some wincing, sit down and put your feet up.

Mucus plug

By the time you are 38 weeks pregnant, you may lose your mucus plug. It appears like a thick, slippery brown discharge. Some pregnant women won’t experience this condition, while for some others it occurs just before the labor or at any instant during the last month of pregnancy.

Learn about epidural

If you want to take any pain relief medications in week 38 pregnancy, then go for epidural injection. If you decide to take an epidural, then an anesthesiologist will be called in.

Epidural will be injected into the space between the spinal column and the spinal cord. This causes numbness in the nerves that supply the uterus. This can also numb the leg nerves by making it very hard to walk around.

You will experience pressure on your thighs and bladder in which case you will face the problem of frequent urination even more starting this week.

Care you need to take when you are in week 38 pregnancy

Make sure you have somebody around during pregnancy 38 weeks and if that is not possible, make sure you have the phone number of somebody who can help you when you go into labor.

Try and rest as much as you can and remember to keep practicing Kegel exercises and abdominal breathing as much as you can. Maintain a positive attitude and enjoy the last days of expectation for your little one.

Read something you like or listen to the music you like. It will help both, you and the baby. Continue to eat small, healthy snacks and drink lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. If you notice that you are losing weight, remember that this is normal.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are 38 weeks pregnant

By the 38th week, your baby is about the size of 21.25 inches long and weighs up to 6.8 pounds. The weight mainly depends on whether the baby is a boy or a girl, also your baby may have a full head of hair now.

Baby bowel movement

All the internal organs of your 38 week fetus are well developed and the baby is ready for the outside world. Your baby’s intestines are building the ‘Meconium’.

This is a dark-green mass of cells and waste product from the liver, gall bladder and pancreas. ‘Meconium’ will be eliminated after the birth; sometimes there is a chance to be expelled in the amniotic fluid if the birth is delayed.

Last changes happening to your baby

Your baby keeps on secreting ‘Vernix’ even now, but this is very much confined to skin creases and folds and also neck and back. Also your baby continues to put on some more weight and your baby’s head and abdomen circumference might be of the same size.

By this week, your baby will get a firm grasp reflex. When the light is shown on your belly, the baby turns towards it. This is known as ‘orienting response.’ There is no need of any special care this week.

know about different birth positions in 38 weeks pregnancy

Do you know about birth positions? Here are some alternative positions you should know in 38th week of pregnancy:

Side lying: This removes the pressure and weight of the uterus from the major blood vessels and the perineum. The upper leg can be lifted or grasped by the mother when she pushes.

Semi sitting: This position assists gravity in getting the baby along and through your pelvis.

Squatting: This position helps in opening your pelvis and assisting in gravity. Most of the women spontaneously choose this upright squatting position to give birth to the baby.

C section facts

In case you decide to have a C-section, your doctor will ask you to come to the hospital a few days before the surgery. Be aware that you will need special care once the baby is born, for at least 2 weeks after your C-section. Make sure you have somebody to help you around the house before you go to the hospital.

Find out what to expect when you are 39 weeks pregnant.

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