40 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You are in the 40th week now! You may be very anxious about your child birth.

For you this can be an exciting and happy time, or a challenging time. Enjoy these last hours along with your baby.

This week may be a last one, so you may not show interest on the 40 weeks pregnant symptoms.

But some pregnancies will go beyond forty weeks and doctor may come to a decision of labor induction.

40 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Braxton Hicks contractions

If you are experiencing contractions, you may wonder whether these contractions are Braxton Hicks contractions or true labor contractions. If these contractions do not increase in the severity or frequency, or if they reduce when you change position or walk around, then they are probably Braxton Hicks contractions.

Indigestion or heartburn

Your heartburn might be a symptom of the past. You may get some relief from this heartburn by chewing gum after completing a meal.


Passing the bowel movements are the nature’s way to prepare sufficient room for baby to emerge, so if you are experiencing diarrhea during this week, it indicates that the labor is going to occur soon. So if you experience other signs like bloody show, passing your mucous plug, dropping of your baby, you may have your baby soon in your hands.

Fetal activity

Even though the movements of your baby have slowed down, the baby is still moving around inside your womb. The normal movements are 10 rolls, flutters, or wiggles in one hour.

Cervical effacement and dilation

Though you will not feel your cervix thinning out or opening, it is probably occurring this week. This dilation is measured in terms of centimeters and effacement is measured in terms of percentages. The cervix continues to efface and dilate through the early and active labor.

Leg cramps

The pain in the legs is said to be occurred because of carrying the pregnancy weight. When there is a spasm, gently bend your toes and ankle back towards the shin. This may help you in relieving from the spasm.

Uneasiness and pelvic pressure

If your baby has moved down this week, the uneasiness feeling in the pelvis may be found out by bumping up of someone’s little head against your bladder and hips. If you are having some time, plan for a massage with an approved prenatal massage therapist. This will soothe your uneasiness.


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