5 Weeks Pregnant

-Development of Central Nervous System, Bones, Muscles and Heart!

When you are 5 weeks pregnant, you will experience the same symptoms as you did last week.

There are various changes that are taking place inside your body during your baby’s development, although you may not feel them very clearly.

Your baby’s internal organs are developing at this time and the baby starts resembling a C letter.

Consider the risk of a miscarriage

The pregnancy symptoms increase, and the risk of miscarriage becomes more obvious because the pregnancy is more susceptible to chemical imbalances or toxic factors you may ingest with the food you eat.

5th week of pregnancy symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

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Hormonal induced changes

Your body is still adjusting to the hormones that are released during your pregnancy and probably you experienced the same symptoms last week as well.

Some women can see their areolas becoming dark in 5th week of pregnancy. Don’t worry about this condition as it is perfectly normal.

This is the result of hormonal changes in your body and your breasts are modifying in structure and chemistry because of the hormones.

Although nobody will still be able to see that you are pregnant, you might yourself see your tummy look slightly bigger than usual and might also pass it as a menstrual bloating if you still do not know that you are pregnant.

Feeling comfortable

Your body works for 9 months in order to develop a special new life. In this fifth week of pregnancy, you can experience tiredness and unusual irritability. This is the result of improved metabolism and developing uterus.

Sleeping in a good sporting bra can help to feel good. Don’t worry about the developing breasts, they stop growing within the next 3 weeks.

What to expect regarding morning sickness and food cravings?

You will frequently experience morning sickness when you are 5 weeks pregnant. This is the time for the pregnancy cravings to appear simultaneously with the rejection of certain foods.

Some women can experience 5 weeks pregnant symptoms throughout their pregnancy, but most of the time you will be free from morning sickness and food related issues by the end of first trimester.

This condition becomes worse when you are on an empty stomach; so it is best to have small frequent meals to avoid the morning sickness and related dehydration.

You can do many things to relieve yourself from morning sickness. Try to keep some crackers, seltzer water or fizzy drinks near your bed and snack on them before you get up in the morning or even raise your head from the pillow.

First signs of physical exhaustion

The most common symptoms that you experience when you are in week 5 pregnancy is fatigue. Usually this is most severe during early pregnancy weeks. Taking enough rest is the only key to lessen your fatigue.

Some women could feel dizzy or feel like faint. The hormonal changes are responsible for this situation so it is recommendable for the future moms to be careful not to fall during the 5th pregnancy week.

Ectopic pregnancy

There are a few early pregnancy complications that might arise. Ectopic pregnancy is one such condition where the implantation of the fertilized egg happens in the fallopian tube, instead of the uterus.

But you need not worry too much about it since it is only 1 in a 100 women who have such a complication.

Care to be taken when you are 5 weeks pregnant

  • If you are a meat eater, ensure that the meat is completely cooked.
  • Stay away from cat litter.
  • It is better to wear gloves, if you need to do any work with soil.

You should be careful about food borne diseases like salmonella, listeriosis and toxoplasmosis in 5 week pregnancy. They can cause birth defects or miscarriage so you need to know which foods to avoid.

Here is a list of the most susceptible ones:

  • Raw shellfish.
  • Unpasteurized milk or juice.
  • Raw egg and the foods prepared with raw egg.
  • Pate.
  • Raw or half cooked meat such as hot dogs and deli meats.
  • Soft cheeses like blue cheese, brie, camembert, feta, and goat.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are in pregnancy week 5

Actually, week 5 of pregnancy is not much different from week 4. At this point of pregnancy, a distinct shape is developing inside your tummy.

First signs of the umbilical cord

The placenta and the umbilical cord are almost formed. When you are 5 weeks pregnant, the central nervous system, bones and muscles start to develop in your 5 week fetus. Your baby’s skeleton also starts to build up and the baby urinary system starts to shape. Fetus becomes visible in 5 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

By the end of this week, the blood vessels and other elements, as well as the placenta start to function. By the end of the week your embryo is about 1.5mm to 2mm long.

First facial features

The facial features of your baby like eyes and ears start developing in 5 weeks pregnancy. Neural tube, which is called the spinal cord, blends during this week. Buds too appear and later they develop as arms and legs.

Start of the heart activity

Most importantly, the changes that occur when you are 5 weeks pregnant are related to your baby’s heart. The heart starts to split into two parts and starts pumping the blood.

The most impressive change of this pregnancy week is the one happening to the baby’s brain. The new brain separates in 3 areas and it is believed that this is the beginning of the future cognitive and sensorial activity of the baby.

Health and safety tips for week 5 pregnancy

Coffee vs. milk

Instead of consuming coffee, better make a habit of drinking steamed milk. Taking a soothing drink will help you avoid nausea and continue with your morning rituals. Also drinking milk is beneficial for your baby as your baby will get enough calcium for proper growth of its bones, nails and teeth, especially now that you are 5 weeks pregnant.

Yoga and meditation

You should consider walking and breathing exercises and also communicate your feelings. The anxiety associated with this week can be diminished by pregnancy yoga and meditation.

Communicating with your partner

Keep a calendar with what you experience and if you crave a certain food make sure you get it. It is a verified fact that this part of your pregnancy may prove more stressful than the rest of the months for your life partner. This is why communicating what you feel is the right way to go.

Want to know what happens next week? Here’s what to expect when you are 6 weeks pregnant.

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