Fatigue in 28 Weeks Pregnant

When you are in the 28th week of pregnancy, it is said that you have officially entered into the third trimester.

It is the period where you will experience again your first trimester symptoms. You may have fatigue, frequent urination, breast tenderness and firmness.

There will be an increased fatigue in 28 weeks pregnant as the body tries to save energy for the process of childbirth. Your body is gearing up for the childbirth process without any doubt by this week.

Expect some weight gain in the coming 12 weeks as your baby is rapidly growing.


The fatigue has again returned back during this week. Fatigue, exhaustion, and tiredness, whatever you term it as, it is a drag. In this trimester, the fatigue again returns as your developing fetus applies more demands on the body, and your sleep will become more elusive.

Your baby’s additional weight further absorbs your body Fatigue in 28 Weeks Pregnantstrength. Not only you are carrying an additional weight, but your growing uterus rearranges the other organs in the body, putting an additional strain. In this last trimester you may become more tired due to the prolactin hormone production also.

What can you do about this?


You can do walking around the block. Prenatal yoga and swimming are also good options, but be sure that you listen to your body. If you are becoming tired sooner, slow down and take rest.

Short breaks

Try to take short breaks when doing your work. Place your feet up and if it is possible, for few minutes close your eyes.

Eat often

Like other symptoms of pregnancy, fatigue responds very well to the solution of 6-meal. Maintaining your blood sugar level on an even keel will aid in keeping your energy stable. So resist in skipping the meals, and prefer for frequent snacks and short meals. Dried fruits and walnuts are good snacks to stash in your desk or purse. If you feel that your energy levels are too low, consult your physician. You may be having anemia, which can be recovered by an iron supplement.

Have a good diet

To hold your energy levels up, you require a steady premium fuel supply. Follow the diet which is instructed to you during pregnancy; mainly concentrate on the long-lasting boosters of energy, like complex carbohydrates and proteins. Be sure of getting sufficient calories.

Other symptoms

If the fatigue lasts throughout the whole pregnancy, severe, or persistent, consult your physician. If you experience some other symptoms also like breathlessness, fainting spells, weakness, you might have anemia due to iron deficiency. So make sure to contact your physician if you experience these kinds of symptoms.


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