Foods You Need To Include And Avoid In Your Fertility Diet!

Fertility and diet goes hand in hand. You can find various foods that improve your chances of becoming pregnant and also there are some foods that can decrease your chances of conceiving.

Foods you need to include in your fertility diet:

Consuming a healthy balanced diet is essential when you are trying to conceive. You need to consume healthy and well balanced meals and it should contain foods from every food group.

Whole meat, organic foods, fruits and vegetables can greatly help you to increase the chances of becoming pregnant.
fertility diet These types of foods consist of various vitamins and minerals, which are the main key for conception and good fetal development.

Consuming protein sources like poultry and meat can greatly help to maintain healthy iron levels. Insufficient iron levels at the beginning of your pregnancy greatly increases the risk of raising the postpartum anemia.

Also, fruits and vegetables diet is healthy for your body, but sometimes there is a need of iron supplements in order to reduce anemia when your fertility diet lacks of dairy and iron. Vitamin B12 and calcium are the supplements that your health care provider suggests.

Include fish in your fertility diet, but you need to consume the fish which have low mercury levels. Fish is the great source of omega-3 fatty acids and it can greatly increase your fertility and heart health. High levels of mercury are very harmful for the fetus and remains in your blood stream for over a year.

High mercury level fishes include: shark, white tuna, marlin, and frozen swordfish. Low mercury level fishes include: flounder, tilapia, trout, salmon, haddock, and canned chunk light tuna. Experts suggest that consuming up to 12 ounces of low level mercury fishes is safe for every woman. You can also take flax seeds as these are the good sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

Breads with whole grains help you to get enough amounts of fiber [Fiber diet] as fiber is the most important part of fertility diet. There are various nutrients in whole grains which help to stimulate your total body health.

The good sources of fiber include: pumpkin, peas and broccoli. Also, these vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. While choosing the vegetables, choose the ones which are brighter in color. The brighter the color of vegetables, the more nutrients they contain. Red peppers, blue berries, and kale are particularly healthy foods.

Also, ensure that your fertility diet contains sufficient amounts of calcium. For this, you need to consume dairy foods like yogurt, cheese and milk. These foods contain saturated fats, so you need to consume them in moderate amounts. Most of the vegetables like kale, oranges and broccoli are also good sources of calcium.

Don’t forget to include high quality multivitamins in your fertility diet because these are the best sources of various nutrients. Vitamins which contain folic acid, zinc and vitamin B are very essential. Zinc helps in the process of cell division in fetus development. Insufficient zinc levels decrease the production of healthy eggs before the conception. This is the only mineral supplement that is proved to improve the fertility rates.

Foods you need to avoid from your fertility diet:

  • Avoid the foods that contain preservatives and various other chemicals like artificial sweeteners. They greatly affect the sugar levels and hormonal balance in your body.
  • Avoid foods that are high in fat content.
  • Don’t consume diet sodas as they contain aspartame.
  • Consume caffeine in limited amounts. Limit the intake of refined carbs like pasta, rice and white bread. These foods have insufficient nutrient levels.
  • Don’t eat meat in higher quantities because it raises ammonia levels in your body and interferes with the process of egg implantation in the uterus.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption.


  1. I’m married two years back and trying to become pregnant now.i don’t know which foods should i take to improve my chances of becoming pregnant.Luckily i came across your site,and found it very helpful.Thanks for very informative post!


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