10 Essential Preconception Factors To Know By Every Woman Before!

Are you planning for a baby? So, before going to conceive, it is essential for you to make a health checkup of your body.

Before going to conceive, here are the tests and procedures that you need to ensure by your doctor. This helps in giving birth to a healthy baby.

1. Medical history: You need to tell your doctor about the eating and exercising habits and also about the exposure to any environmental hazards. Inform your doctor if you have any conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes or any other genetic disorders.

Inform your doctor about the type of birth control option that you used. Also, inform about the conditions like menstrual problems, abortions, miscarriages or ectopic pregnancy.

2. Blood pressure checkup: High blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to preeclampsia and also cause placental problems. So, ask your doctor about a plan to control the blood pressure levels during your pregnancy.Pap smear

3. Pap smear: Pap smear is an essential part of pelvic examination. Usually, it is conducted twice a year or whenever required. Inform your doctor if you have any sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia, HIV/AIDS or herpes. Having successful screening and treating your disease before you conceive will considerably improve the chances of successful pregnancies.

4. Pelvic examination: Having a pelvic exam will allow your doctor to know about the ovaries, uterus and cervix whether they are working normally or not. If you are at any risk of ovarian cysts or fibroids, then take treatment immediately to increase the chances of successful pregnancy.

5. Blood test: Blood test is essential to confirm whether you have anemia or any other abnormalities. Based on your medical history, it is also essential to be tested for sickle-cell anemia.

6. Urinalysis: Testing urine samples for diseases like diabetes and urinary tract infection is essential. Sometimes urinary tract disease can lead to low birth weight, miscarriage, or premature labor. So, you need to take antibiotics in order to treat the condition.

7. Thyroid testing: Any problems in thyroid functioning can lead to infertility, severe issues in the development of fetus or miscarriage. If you have a family history of thyroid problems, then it is essential to take proper treatment before you conceive.

8. Genetic tests: Already, you may have heard about some babies born with various birth defects. So, consult a genetic counselor, if you or your partner is at any risk of genetic abnormalities.

9. Checking for viral and parasitic diseases: Your blood test only determines about the condition of toxoplasmosis. So, it is better to avoid raw meat and litter box before and throughout your pregnancy period.

10. Immunization records: If you receive any vaccines for diseases like rubella, then you need to wait for three months before you conceive. You should receive vaccines for hepatitis B.


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