Worried About Unplanned Pregnancy? Three Options To Overcome Your Problem!

Have you got an unplanned pregnancy? Don’t worry. Remember that you are not alone with this condition.

Unplanned pregnancy, in these days, is affecting millions of women yearly.

It is found that one out of every four women is suffering with unplanned pregnancy.

An unplanned pregnancy can occur with an unprotected sexual intercourse, failure of contraceptive method, or sexual abuse. Remember that having missed menstrual period is the first sign of pregnancy where you need to have pregnancy test for confirmation.

The pregnancy test can be performed in the doctor’s clinic through urine and blood tests or with home pregnancy test kit using your first morning urine (FMU) sample. Don’t get upset if the test results confirm your pregnancy. Several options are available for this unplanned pregnancy.Unplanned Pregnancy

The three main options for your unplanned pregnancy are abortion, adoption and parenting.

Abortion: It is a medical procedure used to terminate a pregnancy. This procedure can be done in two ways: using medications and surgical procedures. The medications used for abortion procedure are misoprostol (alone), methotrexate and misoprostol, mifepristone and misoprostol.

The surgical procedures for unplanned pregnancy are Suction Aspiration, Dilation and Curettage (D&C), Dilation and Evacuation (D&E), and Induction Abortion.

On the other hand, the stage or trimester of your pregnancy is very essential for any abortion procedure. It is very safe to have abortion before twelve weeks of pregnancy.

However, your risk of developing health complications increases with the abortion in the second trimester and third trimester.

Keep in mind that abortion is a simple and safe procedure with no affects on your future fertility or reproductive health.

Adoption: The second option for your unplanned pregnancy is adoption. Giving-up your child for adoption is very difficult for you, as a mother. However, if you stick to this option then several adoption agencies will help you in this condition.

The adoption agency (you choose) will bear all the costs of your pregnancy. Thus, the financial pressure for your pregnancy will be reduced with this kind of unplanned pregnancy option.

Pregnancy support services also help if you choose this option. The adoption procedure can be done in the presence of a doctor, legal representative, or adoption agency.

For this procedure, you need to sign “relinquishment papers” so that you can’t change your mind after delivery and adoption.

Once you make sign, you need to keep away from alcohol and drug usage throughout your pregnancy.

Parenting: The third option of unplanned pregnancy is parenting. Parenting is the most challenging and difficult task of life. However, it is an excellent option that you take for your unplanned pregnancy.

For this option, you need to have patience as well as strength at each and every stage of your pregnancy. It also requires a great financial, emotional, and practical support.

Before taking a proper decision regarding this unplanned pregnancy option, it will be beneficial for you to seek advice from a counselor, the person who can help assess your willingness for parenthood.


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