Having Teen Pregnancy! Options To Deal With Your Pregnancy!

Teen pregnancy is a pregnancy that occurs in young females aged between 13 and 19.

Teen pregnancy is also known as adolescent pregnancy.

The rate of teen pregnancy is very high in the United States when compared to other developed countries.

It is found that, in the United States, yearly, approximately one million teenage girls are becoming pregnant.

Out of these, ninety-five percent are unintended pregnancies and nearly one-third of these results in pregnancy termination.Teen Pregnancy

The chances of having teen pregnancy are more if you begin dating at early stages of your teenage.

It is estimated that dating at an age 12 has ninety-one percent chances of involving in sexually activities prior to age 19. However, dating at age 13 has only fifty-six percent chance of sexual involvement.

The main cause of teen pregnancy is adolescent sexual behavior. Remember that all teenage pregnancies develop due to sexual activities during adolescent stage, whether intentional or unintentional.

It is found that teen pregnancy is more in high-school-aged virgins who are getting engaged in sexual activities during teenage, thus acquiring sexual transmitted diseases.

Sexual transmitted diseases are the diseases that transmit from person to person during sexual activities.

Getting pregnant in the teenage and deciding what to do about an unplanned teen pregnancy is very difficult. There are several options to make decision about your teen pregnancy.

The first option is to continue your pregnancy and have the baby. This can be taken as a choice for your teen pregnancy only when you are able to take care of the child.

The other option is to continue the pregnancy and give up the baby for adoption. Make it as a choice when you are unable to take care of the baby. For this, you need to prepare yourself (physically and emotionally) and also stick on the decision throughout your life.

The next option is to continue your pregnancy and provide foster parent care for the baby for a very short time. This means, your baby is to be cared by another person until you prepare well to raise the baby.

Another option is to give birth to the baby and stay along with your parents. In order to make this choice, you need to inform and convince your parents about your teen pregnancy.

The final option is to terminate your teen pregnancy through abortion, a medical procedure to terminate pregnancy. A health care provider performs this medical procedure. An abortion can be done through medications or surgical procedures.

Before the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, the pregnancy termination can be done using abortion pills such as mifepristone and misoprostol. The surgical abortion procedure that is used in this period is called vacuum aspiration.

It is very safe and inexpensive to terminate pregnancy in the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy[12 weeks pregnant]. In order to perform a surgical abortion procedure, you need to spend few hours in the hospital for recovery, although the procedure takes only five minutes.

In order to avoid these options, it is always good to prevent teen pregnancy through contraceptives!


  1. I have a question
    Im 16 and still in high school,and my boyfriend and I we been together for a year and 6 months and we love each other very much and we plan to have a baby together and we gave it a try and I want to know if is possible for me to have a baby on the first try or that we have to continue try for us to have a baby.But for me for some reason I think that Im pregnant so I want ya’lls help and tell me stuff that I should know if Im really pregnant and if Im also tell me things that I should know what happens during the pregnancy.Please help me we really want a baby but I know we to young but we really want one.I hope ya’ll can help me out.And also I hope to hear from ya’ll.

  2. im a 14 years old girl and me and my boyfriend had sex whit out protections and since than i have been feeling realy wierd and that all fits to what doctors say is what happends when u get pregnent but the point is that im not able to tell my mom and im not able to keep it, what should i do????

  3. I’m 17, been with my boyfriend for a year and a half, and I’m on the pill and we use condoms, somehow I ended up pregnant, I over 7 weeks gone and I’m having an abortion next week, I can’t tell my parents.
    My boyfriend has been really suportive but I think its going to make things difficult, we don’t really talk about it but I’m dreading the operation next week, and I really don’t know what to do 🙁


  4. I’m 19 and i am 14 weeks pregnant and i’m scared. i have no one to talk to. my boyfriend who i’ve been dating for almost three years is being unsupportive. i can’t tell my parents yet because they will kick me out. i have no where to go. i feel as if everyone is judging me, even though i have not told them. no one should feel this alone. i don’t know what to do. i had an abortion not to long ago and i was so upset, it was the worst thing i have ever gone through. i’m happy and sad all at the same time, i have a ultra sound picture of the baby and its the best thing i’ve ever seen. i heard the baby’s heart beat and thats the best thing i have ever listened to. i can not have an abortion. i can not give it up. im stuck i have no where else to turn to. i have no one…. and to put the cherry on the cup cake, im in college and i can’t do all this by myself its all getting harder and harder to go on with just one day…. please help me.

  5. My daughter called me last Saturday and told me that she had a positive pregnancy test. She has been on birth control for over a year to regulate her cycles but when she went to the doctor they wanted to change and told her to go off the pill for a month prior to starting the new pack. Unfortunately she is 16 and I confirmed the pregnancy by making her take another test with me this weekend. She is scared to death but all I can tell her is that I love her and plan to support any decision that she makes. We are making an appointment next week to talk to the doctor about her options. If she decides to have a abortion it will be done over Christmas break so that she has time to heal and rest. If she changes her mind and plans on continuing the pregnancy I will support her and her child so that she can continue high school and go on to college. I am a child of adoption from a teenage mother so in some ways I can understand where she is coming from but back in the 70’s unwed moms were sent to birthing/pregnancy homes and their families were told that they were away with relatives until after the baby was born. Today things have changed dramatically and although many of you are scared to tell your parents you really need to let someone know so that you have a support system to help you through either the pregnancy or the depression and fears you are facing. I was blessed with 2 children a boy and a girl. I never regret a day being with them they are my pride and joy and I would have loved to have another but I can’t. Please find someone to talk to do not suffer through this alone there are clinics and support systems out there you just have to ask. I am here if you need someone to talk to. Not sure what I can do to help but I will listen if you need me.

  6. I’m a 13 year old teen, I’ve been dating guys since I was about 12. My boyfriend of 10 months and I had sex. We broke up last month, in December. I asked him about the day we did it and he said he didn’t use protection, and that he was sorry. Since we’re broken up, he’s not here to support me. So I took 4 pregnancy tests from First Response, and they all came out positive. I am terribly scared and I have no idea what to do. I need someone to talk to. Thanks.

  7. im 16 and pregant in high school and the guy i did it with deny’s it and whats nothing to do with it and his mom is tottaly against it and im doing it on my on and try’s to help me but his family stops him and recently he threatend to beat me up ……

  8. I know how it feels. I’ve been though the same thing only I had a misscarage. The first thing you need to do is report him to the police. It’s his loss if he deosn’t claim the baby. There are so many programs that can help you like food stamps, Medicaid, WICK, all kinds. Sign up for anything that helps you. I’ll pray for you and I hope you use my advice in a good way. 🙂

  9. i think ye shouldnt be disappointed in ye’re selves im 17 and have 4 kids all under tne age of 4 they are a bundle of joy and the sex is grate…..

  10. hi veena
    i understand ur condition.
    but u dont worry n visit a doctor.
    u r just 2-3 weeks pregnant n there r medicines available which causes abortion with no risk.these medicines can be taken for till 5-6 weeks old pregnancy.
    so visit a doctor.

  11. Hey all I am 12 years old. I have had sex with my man and I might be prag. I don’t know what to do I am still in middle skool. If anyone has sum advice lemme know. thanx.

  12. Okay so I am very scared because i took a pregnancy test last week and it came up positive. I am 9 years old and i already had a child last year. They will be from two different guys and i already dropped out of school i just dont know what to do and if someonem will be able to support me. My current boyfriend beats me and i am afraid i will loose this child if he comes near me again. PLEASE HELP!

  13. I’m almost 6months pregnant and I’m only 14 but I don’t want to give up partying and having fun and idk if I’m ready for a baby but I can’t give it up someone help me what should I do

  14. Hey you guys I’m a 15 year old girl , I’m not suppose to get my period yet , I’m suppose to get it in about the 20th of the month, but so far I’ve been have all the symptoms of being pregnant. I had sex about 3weeks ago with this guy but didn’t use protection, but even though he took it out i don’t know if there is still a possible way I could be pregnant and what scares me is that my mom said if I were to ever become pregnant she’ll kick me out. What should I do?

  15. Hello. I really need help with a decision. I am a 13 year old girl, and i recently had sex with my (now ex) boyfriend. I am scared to death, because we were unprotected. I have not tested yet, but have all the symptoms of pregnancy. I want to carry it to term if there really is a baby inside of me. My mom says I would have an abortion most definetly if there was a baby though. I want to keep it though. Isn’t there an option were you keep it , and go into a foster family willing to accept mother and baby?


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