Know About Your Baby’s Health Condition With Pregnancy Ultrasound!

Want to know the sex of your baby? Most of the pregnant women are eager to know the sex of their baby.

Then ultrasound pregnancy test can be useful in determining the gender of your baby.

This test is not only used to determine your baby’s gender, but also used to evaluate the size, movement and position of your growing baby.

Usually during the early stages, your baby’s heart is visible, as months passes on, body starts moving and it becomes clearer.

Pregnancy UltrasoundYou can see those movements and also you will come to know your baby’s gender through ultrasound. Some of you will get the doubt on ultrasound scan. Here is about ultrasound scan in detail:

What is an ultrasound scan?

Using the sound waves, the ultrasound scan works. A machine is used to send the sound waves which again reflected back and converts it into an image that you can see on the screen.

This is very helpful for the routine examination; usually this test is performed when you first attend the antenatal clinic and then after you reach 18 weeks to 22 weeks pregnant.

This test uses high frequency sound waves produced with the application of an alternating current to the transducer and this is used in combination with a lubricant.

Then transducer is moved over your stomach and abdomen. Sound waves are traveled from the transducer during the belly and then into the pelvis.

Ultrasound is useful for what?

  • In early determination of your pregnancy
  • You will come to know the dimension and development rate of your baby.
  • Down syndrome can be identified in the uterus
  • Useful for discovering the fetal abnormalities
  • You will come to know if there are any internal organ abnormalities.
  • Tumors or uterine abnormalities
  • Measures the level of amniotic fluid
  • Measures your abdomen, head and length of the body parts in the fetus
  • Identifies the existence of 2 or more fetuses
  • To study the placenta
  • To identify the possible fetal abnormalities
  • To investigate bleeding and some other worrying signs and symptoms

But, before going to undergo this ultrasound test, you need to drink enough water. This is because; the uterus is at the back of the bladder and containing the complete bladder will assist to create your uterus grow out of the pelvis and makes it easier to see a clear image. Sometime, having the full bladder leaves you feel comfortable throughout the exam.

Are there any types in ultrasound?

There are different types of ultrasound techniques. They include:

Advanced ultrasound: This is nothing but standard ultrasound. This test targets an alleged problem and it utilizes more complicated equipment. It takes 30 minutes to several hours for the completion of this test.

Doppler imaging: This test type is used to measure little changes within the ultrasound waves. This test type is used to give information about circulation and Mdash (Carotid plaque). This test is more useful when you have high blood pressure or your baby’s growth is slow than compared to normal growth.

Fetal echocardiography: If you want to see your baby’s heart, this test is very much useful. It helps to know about any abnormalities developed in your child’s heart such as congenital heart defect.

Standard ultrasound: This test produces a 2D image that helps your practitioner to determine your baby’s growth, development and gestational age. Usually, this test takes about 20 minutes.

Three dimensional (3D) ultrasound: This is a new technique and offers 3-D images, sometimes with clear photo quality. This test is not available in all types of medical centers

Transvaginal ultrasound: In this form of ultrasound, your practitioner will put a slender and wand like tool in your vagina. This test is preferred during your early pregnancy. During this stage, fallopian tubes and uterus are nearer to vagina when compared to the abdominal surface.

When it is the right time for ultrasound test?

Fetal ultrasound: You can undergo this test at any point of your pregnancy.

Transvaginal ultrasound: This test is useful when there are any cases suspecting ectopic pregnancy or some other conditions. This test is required shortly once you find out that you are pregnant.

Doppler ultrasound: In order to detect your baby’s heart beat before 6 week pregnancy.

Routine fetal ultrasounds: This test is performed between 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. At this stage, anatomic facts are visible.

If your obstetrician wants more details about the health of your baby, then he/she may recommend you other advanced ultrasound techniques.


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