How to Use Acupuncture for Fertility?

When thinking about acupuncture for fertility you should know that this is the practice during which the therapist places thin needles into the pressure points, also known as Qi. As a result people will have less stress and better circulation. Acupuncture was used as treatment in case of many problems.

Infertility acupuncture?

In the last few years some of the practitioners suggested that acupuncture can also be used for infertility. Some of the studies conducted in the field show that the procedure can increase the success rate of in vitro fertilization.

Acupuncture for FertilityThere are a lot of doctors believing in the success of acupuncture fertility, such as Dr. Magarelli. He is a specialist in the field and he was approached to take part in a study in the field. At the beginning he was reluctant about it, but then he saw the results and there was an undeniable improvement.


Generally speaking regarding the acupuncture procedure, if a woman has a session of 30 minutes before and after IVF takes place, she will have higher chances for the embryo to get embedded and she will have smaller chances of having a miscarriage.

According to some of the studies regarding fertility acupuncture the drugs used during the procedure could also become more effective. For this women should have a weekly session for a month or two before the IVF. After the procedure women should also go on with the acupuncture sessions.

Being skeptical

Although there seems to be some evidence for acupuncture for infertility, some of the doctors say that people should remember that there is no magic pill for infertility. These doctors say that the available evidence isn’t enough yet to be sure that acupuncture can really help with reproductive problems.

In the same time they warn people that they shouldn’t be making claims regarding acupuncture for fertility that they can’t back up with actual evidence. According to them at this point there is no way of knowing whether acupuncture really helps. There might be need for some more studies.

Promising research

Infertility acupuncture may seem to be working in some of the cases because it improves the circulation to the ovaries. This way the eggs become healthier and the uterus will have a strong lining that will be able to hold the baby until term. Because of the better blood flow the embryos are better nourished.

Besides this it is also known regarding acupuncture fertility that it can reduce stress. In some cases this is also a contributing factor to infertility. Some of the success of acupuncture is due to the fact that it helps women relax. They can get rid of all the stress that they accumulate for not being able to get pregnant.

As you can see there is no verdict yet regarding fertility acupuncture. However there is ongoing research and chances are we will know in the future whether it is effective or not. Regardless of the results, women should give acupuncture a chance because it has a lot of health benefits.


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