What Is Artificial Insemination?

When asking what is artificial insemination you should know that this is a technique that is able to help different causes of infertility both in case of men and women. During the procedure the sperm is inserted directly into the uterus or fallopian tubes of women. This way the chances of getting pregnant are increased.

What to know about artificial insemination technology?

One of the most common ways of artificial insemination is intrauterine insemination. During this procedure the sperm of the man is positioned directly into the uterus of the woman. We have to admit that the success rate in case of this technology isn’t as high as in case of the more advanced technologies.

What Is Artificial InseminationHowever the technology of artificial insemination also has a few key advantages. Some of these include that it is a simple procedure that has only a few side effects. This is why doctors usually recommend it as the initial method of treatment.

What kind of infertility can ART treat?

The good news is that the technology can be applied for several different kinds of infertility causes. It is often used when men don’t have enough sperms or when they can’t swim through women’s cervix all the way to the fallopian tube. It is also an possibility for women with endometriosis.

In the same time when asking what is artificial insemination you should also know that it can be used in case of women who may have ‘unreceptive cervical mucus’. This means that the cervical mucus of women is hostile and it prevents sperm from reaching the mature egg, making pregnancy impossible.

With the help of the technique of artificial insemination the sperm skip having to go through the cervical mucus. The procedure is often suggested to the couples who have a problem that can’t be determined by the doctors.

What to expect?

When asking what is artificial insemination you should also know what to expect during the procedure. At the beginning the doctor will use ultrasounds, blood tests and ovulation kits to make sure that you are ovulating. During your fertile window your partner will have to offer a semen sample.

Most probably for the artificial insemination technique to be successful your partner will be asked to abstain from ejaculation for a few days prior to the procedure. After the sample is offered, it has to be washed by the doctors. This way the chances of fertilization are increased.

If you are asking what is artificial insemination you should know that through washing the doctors remove the chemicals from the sperm that could cause discomfort to women. After this the sperm is placed into a catheter which is introduced into the uterus entering the vagina and the cervix.

Now you know the answer to the question what is artificial insemination. It is also good to know that according to women the procedure is something like a Pap smear. It is possible to experience mild abdominal or pelvic cramping and some light bleeding or spotting after the procedure.


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