The Link Between Endometriosis and Infertility

The sad news regarding endometriosis and infertility is that about 40% of the women affected by endometriosis also have to face infertility. On the bright side we have to consider that not all women with endometriosis have infertility problems because in that case the birth rates would drop significantly.

Information about endometriosis induced infertility

The specialists have found that 30%-40% of the women who have laparoscopic testing because of infertility find that they are affected by endometriosis. Sadly in many cases only this is the moment when women find out that they are affected by the condition.

Endometriosis and InfertilityHow things work

It seems like there are many different ways in which endometriosis induced infertility could appear. For instance, the scarring or adhesions of the cervix could lead to infertility. It is also possible for the fallopian tubes to adhere to each other or to the lining of their pelvis, leading to infertility.

When it comes to endometriosis and infertility, it is possible that the adhesions and scarring that happens mean that the fallopian tubes and the ovaries aren’t in the place that they are supposed to have and because of this it is impossible for the released egg to get to the fallopian tubes.

In the same time the endometriosis induced infertility could take place because there is some damage or blockage in the fallopian tubes, and in this case the egg, even if it is fertilized in the fallopian tubes, cannot travel to the uterus.

Another causing factor regarding endometriosis and infertility could be a production of prostaglandins that is way too high. These hormones have an important role to play regarding the implantation and fertilization of the egg. The processes could be sabotaged by these hormones.

It may be good to know regarding endometriosis induced infertility that it could lead to pain during intercourse and so women may not be able to have sex during the fertile window. It is just normal that this way they have no chance of getting pregnant.

Adhesions and infertility

In the body of the women affected by endometriosis and infertility, there are small growths developed in the abdomen and these are surrounded by fibrous connective tissue or scar tissue as a reaction from the body’s part. This way the body is trying to isolate the growths preventing them to do harm.

The downside of this process regarding endometriosis induced infertility is that the scar tissue makes the implants get stuck to the adjacent tissue and this is why it is possible for the organs to stick to each other. There could also be some internal bleeding, that makes the sticking of the organs even easier.

For instance, in case of endometriosis and infertility it is possible to have an implant on the upper part of the uterus and this makes the small intestine and the ovary get stuck to the side of the implant. These implants could affect the fallopian tubes in many ways and so they can prevent fertilization.

Even if women don’t have to struggle with endometriosis induced infertility, if they are affected by endometriosis, they have higher chances of being faced with an ectopic pregnancy. This is caused by the fact that the fertilized egg cannot reach the uterus and it gets implanted somewhere else, usually in the fallopian tubes.

If this is the case regarding endometriosis and infertility, the patients could go through corrective surgery if the problem is diagnosed. The good news is that in this case it is quite easy to make the correct diagnosis and the surgery isn’t very complicated either having very few risks.


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