Facts About your Fertility and Conception

Not everyone will know much about conception and fertility. Many people have very less knowledge about conception and fertility as it is said by the executive director of the American Infertility Association, Pamela Madsen. In her current web-based survey, it was stated that very less women can answer questions pertaining to the reproductive life cycle. Below mentioned are eight facts that all couples must be aware of. Just because you have gone through the pregnant state, it does not mean that you will be knowing all about fertility and conception. After reading this article, you will be astonished to know that there are so many other things which you never knew of.

Facts About your Fertility and Conception

• Your weight counts
Your weight plays a vital part in the process of ovulation and menstruation. If you are trying to shed some weight or put on some weight, you should keep in mind that your ovulation might affect. In order to have menstruation on time, you need to have a healthy weight. If your body is malnourished or if you are overweight, then you will not be able to menstruate. The problem of hormonal imbalance erupts when you are underweight or overweight.

• Sexual positions
It does not mean that with the right sexual position, you will achieve pregnancy. Sperm can travel to the cervical canal in a fraction of second right after a man ejaculates, inspite of any position. You have to bear in mind that in order to attain deepest penetration and maximum contact with cervix, sexual position comes into play.

• Decrease the heat
Many men might know that wearing a tight underwear can keep the fertility of sperm high. Men should also know that if he places a laptop on his lap or if he stays for a longer time in saunas, it might shoot up the body heat and might affect a man’s sperm. Your pregnancy does not depend on your ovulation day. Sperm stays in the female reproductive tract for three days. It does not mean that if you have sexual intercourse every day or if you make love on the ovulation day, you will attain pregnancy. You should know your fertile days which is important for getting pregnant.

• Birth control choices have fertility implications.

Your contraception pills may make you wait for many months or even a year to get pregnant. If you have ingested progesterone injections of Depo-Provera, then you will have a negative impact on your reproductive organs. To have a normal menstrual cycle, you will have to take right birth control pills in a right way.

• 15 percent chance to conceive
The truth is that many couples in the age of 30s have unprotected sex these couples have a 15-percent chance of conceiving every month, and it normally takes about seven months till you get a BFP. So ignore the Octomoms out there, and keep the facts in mind before you get disheartened.

• Clean teeth is compulsory.
If you have teeth or gum disease, it can ultimately lead to early delivery and poor low birth weight in babies. And above, deprived oral hygiene even contaminates your men sperm. There forebegin flossing, and if you have not been to the dentist take an appointment.

• Chances of Pregnancy during your Period
Everyone are aware that a woman will not get pregnant if she is in her periods. But don’t get mixed upamong implantation bleeding and menstrual bleeding. When the embryo inserts itself in the walls of uterus after seven days of conception, you can expect some spotting. Implantation bleeding is agiler than usual and has a littler duration. If you not sure the best thing is to take a pregnancy test for a final result.These tests are quite complex and can definitely give you the exact result of your pregnancy. If the result is negative then, try repeating the test in three days.

• Best Time for Conception
A woman with a steady 28-day cycle is predictable to ovulate on the 14th day of her cycle. The chances of formation are high, before her cycle and few days after the midpoint day of her cycle, as the life-cycle of the sperms remains from three to five days. The best time to try conceiving is 3-4 days former to your probable ovulation, it is a good opportunity if it is on the ovulation day or 2 days after you ovulate. In case it’s tough to know your ovulation days, purchase an ovulation predictor kit from over the counter.


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