Recognize Female Fertility Symptoms

In case you are thinking about the female fertility symptoms you shouldn’t worry if you still have periods after trying for 4-5 months.

In fact infertility can be defined as not being able to conceive after a year of having regular unprotected intercourse.

Female Fertility Symptoms


Information about the symptoms of female fertility

As you might see the main symptom is being able to get pregnant during the time span you are actively trying. If a year already passed you should be looking for a specialist who could help you with your problem. You will have to offer him or her a full ovulation and menstruation history and there will be ovulation tests and semen tests for you and your partner.

Fertility drugs

If you fail to recognize the signs of female fertility one of the methods that you can consider is fertility drugs. These usually have the form of hormone treatments that trick the ovaries into releasing fertile eggs. They act by making the female hormones be more efficient.

Intrauterine insemination

The women who don’t see the female fertility symptoms often turn to IUI. This means that there is an amount of concentrated sperm transferred into the uterus of women. Naturally first the sperm is ‘washed’ so that the majority of the sperm plasma will be gone. The procedure is painless and it only takes a few minutes.

In vitro fertilization

When being faced with a lack of female fertility signs one of your options is IVF. In this case the most part of the reproductive process takes place in a laboratory setting, outside the body. The eggs are removed from the uterus of the women and they are united with the sperm in a laboratory dish.

Ovarian stimulation

You shouldn’t despair if you don’t see the female fertility symptoms because there are different kinds of medications that can be used to stimulate the ovaries. With the help of Metrodin and Pergonal the doctors can stimulate the follicles and they monitor the growth of the eggs through ultrasound to know when they are ready for retrieval.

Egg retrieval

This procedure is used in case of the warning signs of female infertility if the woman chooses IVF. During the procedure there is a thin needle inserted into the vagina, all the way to the ovaries. There is gentle suction used to remove the egg and some follicular fluid. The eggs will then be examined.

It is important to know that you can fight for the female fertility symptoms. The options you have to conceive are quite a few so you should really be positive regarding your chances for motherhood.


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