Fertility Herbs – The Good, the Bad and the Legend

It is true that there are numerous modern technologies meant to help couples to fight infertility, but these could be quite expensive, and this is why some people are looking for fertility herbs. Nonetheless there is no true evidence that these would help to solve the problem.

Information regarding fertility herbs

There have been few scientific studies done regarding these herbs, but there are some that have been conducted and the scientists managed to reach some results. Still you shouldn’t be using herbs as substitutes for fertility medication.

Fertility HerbsL-carnitine

In case you are looking for herbs for fertility because of male infertility, this may be the herb for you. This is because, according to the studies, it increases the sperm motility. However you shouldn’t be looking for magic, because the results show that only a small number of women got pregnant as a result.

Vitamin E

According to one study regarding fertility herbs in case men consume herbs with vitamin E, it could help with low sperm counts and so the rate of fertilization could be higher. Such studies found no improvement in case this vitamin has been taken along with selenium or vitamin C.

Coenzyme Q10

Just as in the previous case, some studies conducted in the field of herbs for fertility have shown that this coenzyme could improve motility and sperm count. Still there is need for more research to support such findings for more people to use this coenzyme to increase fertility.

Folic acid

It is known that women should have fertility herbs that come with folic acid, but it could help in case of men as well in case they have low sperm count or low motility. Naturally, just as in any other case, there isn’t enough proof to support these findings.

Vitamin C

Although there have been few studies conducted regarding the herbs for fertility that contain vitamin C, the ones that took place suggest that this vitamin could improve the fertility in case of women who struggle with ovulation disorders. Nonetheless there is need for clarification in this matter.


In the majority of the cases it is safe to use fertility herbs, but there are some things that you should keep in mind. One of them is that there is little regulation from the FDA. Only for a while have been such supplements rigorously regulated, and so you should make sure that the supplements you take are really safe.

Another important thing to note about herbs for fertility is that they could interact with the medication that you are taking. In case you are taking fertility drugs this may be a threat because the specialists aren’t certain yet about the way that the herbs affect the drugs or whether the drugs affect them.

Specialists are of the opinion that until there will be more information available about fertility herbs, the best thing couples struggling with infertility could do is to seek conventional fertility treatments even though they could be more expensive than getting some supplements from the drugstore.

It is true that there are some herbs for fertility that are traditionally used and that seem to be safe. You could try them in case you aren’t taking any medication. They can’t harm, right? It is possible that they will have a placebo effect and if you do get pregnant, you may think that it was because of them.

As you can see there is very little information available regarding fertility herbs and it may take a while for the scientists to come up with new results which could help the couples who would like to have children.


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