Most Popular Fertility Treatments

When thinking about fertility treatments you should know that the treatment depends on the cause of the infertility. In the same time it also depends on whether the infertility is on the man’s side, woman’s side, both sides or if the exact cause is unknown. Usually the couples are treated with low-tech treatments.

Fertility drugs as treatments for infertility

One of the most common problems in case of women is ovulation disorders. At first women with problems with ovulation receive different kinds of fertility drugs that work in 80% of the time. The most common fertility drugs are Clomid, gonadotropins and Femara.

Fertility TreatmentsClomid is considered to be the most well known fertility therapy. This is the first drug that the doctors usually suggest. About 40%-45% of the women taking this drug get pregnant within six months. Femara and Arimidex can also be used to regulate women’s ovulation. The success rate is similar as in case of Clomid.

Nonetheless when thinking about fertility treatment options you should know that there is a possible link between Femara and birth defects. Gonadotropins can also be used in case of women, such as FSH, LH and hCG. HCG is often used because it acts something like LH. Doctors suggests these when Clomid fails.

Surgical therapy for infertility

In about 35% of the cases the problem is connected to the fallopian tubes or with the lining of the uterus or the pelvis. In order to diagnose the problem there is need for a test known as HSG. This shows whether the tubes are blocked. If this is the case, you may have to go through a laparoscopic surgery.


This one of the fertility treatments stands for intrauterine insemination that is also called artificial insemination. During the procedure, the doctors place washed sperm right into the uterus. This is used if the man has fertility problems or if there are problems with the cervical mucus.

The same therapy option for infertility is used if there is no explanation for the infertility. The procedure can be performed with donor sperm as well. The truth is that the success rate of the procedure isn’t too high, of only 4%. This gets higher if the procedure is used along with fertility drugs.


Assisted reproductive technologies represent different infertility therapy options. The main point is that the sperm and the embryo are handled by the doctors in a laboratory setting. While the technologies include GIFT and ZIFT as well, the most common technology is IVF.


This stands for in vitro fertilization and this is one of the options for infertility therapy. During this therapy women have to take fertility drugs that stimulate egg production. After the eggs are mature they are collected from the ovaries on an outpatient basis. After this the eggs and sperm are mixed.

During this one of the fertility treatment options the specialists let fertilization take place and after this 1-3 embryos are placed into the uterus of the woman hoping that one of the embryos will survive.


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