Useful Tips to Increase Fertility

There are many different reasons for which women would like to know more about how to increase fertility.

In some cases fertility is a given thing, but if you have to think about problems of this kind it is good to know that there are several things that you could do.

Your weight and fertility boost

It is a known fact that overweight people can be affected by numerous different health problems and among others excess body fat could lead to the production of certain kinds of hormones that affect ovulation. Because of this, the cycles could become less regular and you could have problems with ovulation.

Increase FertilityIf you would like a fertility boost make sure that you are in the ideal weight range. Exercising could help you maintain your weight.

Nonetheless you shouldn’t take things to the extreme. It is known that the professional athletes also have problems with fertility and with ovulation.


The women who would like to increase fertility should be careful about what they eat. Their diet (and yours too) should include iron, protein, vitamin C and zinc.

The lack of these nutrients leads to lengthened menstrual cycles and if women do get pregnant they have higher chances of a miscarriage.

When it comes to fertility boost everybody knows that the athletes usually lack zinc and so they should make sure that they have some oysters or take daily vitamin supplements.

You could do the same even in case you aren’t a sportsman. In case of the diet, the proteins also play an important role in fertility.


This is a habit that is difficult to get rid of, but if you manage, it can help to increase fertility. It is known that the substances found in cigarettes decrease the quality of the eggs of women, not to mention that they interfere with the implantation and fertilization process.

You should also know about fertility boost that smoking makes the ovaries age. This means that the ovaries of a woman of 32 years functions like the ovary of a 45 year old. For sure you don’t want this to happen. The sad news regarding smoking is that it damages the ovaries permanently.

Get to know your body

To increase fertility, it is important to know as much as you can about your cycle. Usually a menstrual cycle lasts between 25 and 35 days. If your cycle is longer it means that you ovulate less often and this is a reason to see your doctor. If you would like to get pregnant you should know when your fertile window is.

You could have a fertility boost if you have intercourse in your fertile window that refers to the day of ovulation and the prior 4-5 days. Nonetheless you shouldn’t be sure that you ovulate on the 14th day of your cycle. This is an aspect that varies from one woman to the other.


Believe it or not, when looking to increase fertility it is important to avoid stress and depression because they also have an effect on fertility. According to studies, women are less likely to get pregnant if they go through emotional distress. Stress could alter the hormonal balance of women.

Women can’t have a fertility boost if their hormones are working against them. If you are affected by stress one of the best things you could do is to learn some techniques of relaxation or you could also talk to a counselor or join a support group.

As you can see there are different ways to increase fertility and they are easy to use.


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