Infertility Cure – A Myth of a Traditionally Documented Fact

Women searching for infertility cure are often told that certain supplements and vitamins can reduce the FSH levels, can restore the functioning of the hormones and in the end they can help them get pregnant. However a lot of the women trying these methods see very little or no difference at all.

Infertility Cure

Chinese tradition and cure for infertility

According to the Chinese culture food represents the source of energy and each kind of food has different energetic qualities. For instance the sweet foods have more Yin while the spicy foods have more Yang. While some of the foods help with Blood, others draw dampness and heat from the body.

The tastes also have different properties regarding the treatment for infertility. If there is too much of one taste, it could result in an imbalance of the body. The Western medicine also recognizes that overindulging in one taste could have negative effects. These are some common aspects of both points of view.

TCM philosophy

According to this philosophy when it comes to infertility treatment people should know that the shen or the spirit of the kidney is in charge of the reproductive system. This means that if people have problems with infertility most probably they have a problem with the shen energy.

The doctors concerned about the Oriental medicine could suggest taking herbal supplements that increase the shen. In the same time for solution for infertility he or she could also suggest consuming foods that nourish the kidney, like black sesame seeds, walnuts, tofu, barley, wheat germ and black soybean.

Supplementing the shen

According to the Chinese tradition you have to consider whether you have kidney Yin or Yang. In case of kidney Yin deficiency it is best not to have too much exercise, spicy and hot foods and avoid external heat.

On the other hand, if you have a kidney Yang deficiency regarding infertility treatment methods, make sure that you don’t have any ice cold drinks, especially during your period, because these decrease the body heat and you most probably already have a heat deficiency.

If you are thinking about the foods that you should have as treatment methods for infertility, consider eating steamed vegetables and not raw vegetables because the raw ones need more Qi to be digested. The main point is to achieve a balance. You can achieve this by eating the right kinds of food.

Alkaline foods for infertility treatment solutions

Alkaline foods are good for fertility. These include noncitrus fruits, sprouts, vegetables, cereal grasses and herbs. There are some good herbs, such as valerian root and black cohosh. These foods can help with achieving a balanced pH that prepares the right setting for conception and implantation.

If your goal is to cure infertility you could also think about consuming the right fatty acids. When choosing your foods, it is best to have organic foods. Cruciferous vegetables are also important for fertility and you should have some mineral and multivitamin complex for the best results.


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