Infertility Treatments – Get the Facts

When thinking about infertility treatments you should know that infertility refers to the situation when it is difficult for women to get pregnant. If this is the case you should know that you’re not alone, about 10%-15% of the couples are struggling with fertility problems.

Treatments for infertility in case of women

If a woman is struggling with infertility because of ovulation disorders, in the majority of the cases the doctors are using fertility drugs. The main purpose of these drugs is to regulate or induce ovulation. Usually they are working just like the natural hormones, such as FSH or LH to start ovulation.

Infertility TreatmentsClomiphene citrate

This one of the treatments for infertility is made of a drug that has to be taken orally and it has been created for women who have ovulatory disorders such as PCOS. Because of it the pituitary gland will produce more LH and FSH to support the growth of the ovarian follicle to make eggs.

Human menopausal gonadotropin

You could also receive an injection of this medication as part of the infertility treatments. This happens in case of women who do not ovulate because the pituitary gland cannot trigger the ovulation. Unlike the previous method that stimulates the glands, this one directly stimulates the ovaries.

Follicle stimulating hormone

You may know about this one of the treatments for infertility, and that normally it is produced by the body. The main job of the hormone is to support the maturity of the egg in the ovary.

Human chorionic gonadotropin

This one of the infertility treatments is used along with clomiphene, FSH and hMG. It acts through stimulating the follicles of the ovaries to produce and release the egg.

Gonadotropin releasing hormone analogs

Such treatments for infertility are used in case of those women who have irregular ovulatory cycles or that ovulate too early. Such analogs act through suppressing the activity of the pituitary glands so that there will be less hormone production. The doctor will support the follicle growth through administering FSH.

Aromatase inhibitors

The infertility treatments of this kind include an entire class of drugs, such as letrozole and anastrozole. These are used in case of advanced breast cancer. Also they are used in case of women who cannot ovulate on their own or for those who didn’t respond to clomiphene citrate.

The truth about this one of the treatments for infertility is that they haven’t been approved by the FDA for the purpose of triggering ovulation and the effects of the drugs in case of early pregnancy aren’t known yet. Nonetheless there are some doctors who are willing to prescribe the medication for their patients.


It is an oral drug used for infertility treatments and it is meant to boost ovulation. The doctors use it in case it is believed that insulin is affecting the fertility of women. In the same time the specialists believe that insulin resistance may have something to do with the development of PCOS.


Such treatments for infertility are used in case of women who have irregular ovulation cycles because of having high levels of prolactin. This is the hormone that triggers lactation in case of mothers who recently gave birth. The medication stops the production of the hormone.


In some cases surgery could be one of the treatment options. This could be used only in certain cases, such as the blockage of the fallopian tubes. When handling such delicate procedures, the doctors opt for laparoscopic surgeries.

Infertility isn’t the end of the world and in our days there are a lot of different infertility treatments available to patients.


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