Planning Babies After 35? Here is What You Must Know!

Age is just a number! Yes, that’s what your gynecologist would say to you when you decide to plan a baby after 35.

However, it is always better and healthier if you know the ‘what, when, why and how’ questions of planning a pregnancy after 35.

Gone is the era when women got married at the age of 18, and by the time they turned 40, their children would already be getting married. With women these days becoming more self-sufficient and career oriented, late marriages have become common and couples today plan babies quite late in their marriage.

But the good news is despite what we have heard about late pregnancies; women are successfully conceiving and delivering healthy babies after 35.

Read on to know more about planning babies after 35!

Planning Babies After 35? Here is What You Must Know!

My Chances of Getting Pregnant At 35

There is 15 – 20% chance of conceiving in a month for a woman above 35.

Which also means her chances of getting pregnant in a year is 78%. With age, you are more likely to face health issues; this also applies to your reproductive organ, which affects the quality and quantity of eggs.

Therefore, even if you manage to conceive there are chances that your pregnancy may not be all ‘honey and maple syrup’. You will have to deal with specific ups and downs.

Understanding these complications before, during and after pregnancy will help you prepare for the journey suitably.

How to Increase the Chances of Getting Pregnant after 35

Here are some precautions and useful steps you can take;

1. Go Through a Preconception Check-Up

It is must to perform an overall health check-up and discuss your lifestyle when you are ready to get pregnant as it will help your doctor to suggest a different lifestyle to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

2. Address Any Pre-existing Health Conditions

It is important to monitor and control pre-existing health issues including gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid etc. All these conditions will decrease your odds to conceive.

3. Exercise Regularly

Obesity increases complications in pregnancy. Regular exercise and yoga inevitably channelize your mind and regulates your vital organs. Staying fit also strengthens your womb and uterus, and improves your egg count significantly.

4. Eating Right and Balanced

The food you eat and the way you eat plays a charismatic role in your baby planning period. It is as vital as eating right during pregnancy. Incorporating a wide variety of food that’s nutritious and rich in folic acid, iron, calcium and vitamin D triggers your likelihoods of pregnancy post 35.

Also include greens, fruits and low carb foods in your diet.

5. A Healthy Lifestyle Gifts You a Healthy Baby

Did you know like smoking, drugging and excessive alcohol could be the reason for impotence in men, they could also be the reason for weak eggs and uterus in women?

Smoking before, during and after pregnancy is a big NO.

Supplements and OTC medications are also not safe when planning for a baby. Whatever you consume, do consult your doc in prior.

6. Prenatal Vitamins Helps

Women who are planning for babies and who want to bear a child in future should take prenatal vitamins regularly.

400 mg of Folic Acid Vitamin B tabs every day and even during the first trimester of pregnancy prevents birth complications and congenital disabilities relating to brain and spine.

7. Home Remedies Which You Can Follow

-    Monitor menstrual cycle with the help of Ovulation Predictor Kit

-    Monitor Basal Body Temperature to know when you are ovulating

-    Avoid vigorous activities such as running, lifting heavy objects and jumping when ovulating

Specific Risks of Getting Pregnant After 35

Following a healthy lifestyle and sticking to what your doctor says, helps in having a fruitful gestation. Nonetheless, beware of these risks at and after 35;

    Higher chances of ectopic pregnancy

    Increased rate of preeclampsia

    Risk of pregnancy-induced gestational diabetes and hypertension

    Possibility of preterm birth and premature delivery

    Women after 35 are at a higher risk of miscarriage as the chances increase by almost 20 – 30%

    Because of fertility treatment and medications, chances of multiple pregnancies is higher

    Higher chances of C-section

    Higher chances of chromosomal abnormalities (down syndrome) in babies

    Advanced congenital disabilities in babies

    Low birth weight in babies

The brighter side of planning a pregnancy after 35 has several benefits as well. Both you and your partner will be mature, practical, financially independent, decisive and secured. You both are likely to be more dedicated to the idea of raising a baby, and probably more forthcoming to the notion of more significant changes and adjustments in lifestyle with a toddler at tow. So plunge into the idea and fearlessly look forward to a beautiful life ahead.


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