Pregnancy In 20’s: The Best Period For Conceiving With Less Risks

Usually 20’s for a woman will bring great changes in her life such as – finishing studies, finding a life partner and getting settled in her career.

Women in their 20’s have a greater chance of becoming pregnant because of the larger number of eggs in their ovaries.

Number of the eggs are genetically normal for every woman. Usually, women produce the eggs during their lifetime. Pregnancy at 20’s had some definite advantages over other points in your life.

As they become older, the percentage of those eggs will be decreased. This is the reason for a woman to have increased miscarriage rates, decreased fertility rates and increased chance of birth defects such as Down syndrome.Pregnancy In 20’s

The pregnancy rate in a woman of 20’s is about 20 to 25%. If the woman has been failed in trying to conceive after actively trying for 12 months, it is essential for her to take the help of fertility.

Usually, at the age of 20’s, women have regular periods, and most of them are ovulatory. An egg will be released every month. At this age, you are likely to be most fit than you will ever be.

Benefits of pregnancy in the 20’s:

  • Pregnancy in the 20’s has little side effects. There is only about 5-10% miscarriage rate and the incidence of birth defects like Down syndrome is about 1 in 1200 women.
  • Normally women in their 20’s are much more likely to be physically active and should undergo moderate exercise during the first pregnancy trimester and third pregnancy trimesters.
  • There is less risk associated with gestational diabetes and hypertension at this age.
  • Pregnancy in the 20’s is the period for easy delivery and postpartum weight loss.
  • Having pregnancy in the 20’s can protect you against future attacks like ovarian and breast cancers.

Exercises to avoid and follow for a woman in her pregnancy in the 20’s:

You need to avoid certain types of exercises during your pregnancy. They include the exercises which increase your heart rate or body temperature such as spinning, cause bouncing like running or certain types of aerobic activities, or risk of loss of balance like aggressive tennis or martial arts.

Practice the exercises that maximize the application of various muscle groups and aerobics such as walking, swimming and Pilates. [Pilates Pregnancy Exercises]

Pregnant women of all ages should avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine, smoking and the foods like raw fish and also any foods which contain heavy metals.

Planning for pregnancy in the 20’s is associated with less risks and complications. Hence you will give birth to a healthy baby.


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