Problems That You Encounter During Pregnancy At The Age Of 30s!

Most of the women feel that waiting till this age of life for children is ultimate, because you are more confident and secure.

The risks of pregnancy in early 30s greatly differ from the risks in a woman who is pregnant in her 20s.

Becoming pregnant in early 30s will take longer time to conceive, because at this age ovulation becomes less frequent.

Problems that occur due to pregnancy at the age of 30s:

Fertility rate slowly decreases after the age of 30. Giving birth to a child at the age of 30s increases the chances of the child to born with Down syndrome and any other chromosomal abnormalities.

Already, you know that 35 is the benchmark age for pregnancy or infertility problems and also for decreased fertility.

Most of the women at the age of 35 or greater have healthy babies, but according to the studies, the babies may face more problems in their upcoming life.

According to the statistics of American Society for Reproductive Medicine, more than one third of the women at the age of 35 or greater have various issues related to fertility.

Women who are giving birth at this age need to suffer from miscarriage [signs of miscarriage] more often than women in 20s. According to the recent studies, more than 20% of the women between 35 and 39 are suffering from miscarriage.

Pregnancy at the age of 35 or greater needs to undergo amniocentesis in order to diagnose Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. All of you at the age of 35 or more are not eligible for this test, because it can cause miscarriage.

For some others, the doctors suggest a blood test called as triple screen including ultrasound in order to confirm the risk of Down syndrome.

Pregnancies at the age of 35 or older are very much susceptible to suffer from the problems such as premature birth, preeclampsia, and babies with low birth weight, diabetes and also placental problems throughout the pregnancy period.

Placenta previa is the most common problem at this age in which placenta wraps part or all of the opening of the cervix.

Placenta previa can cause severe bleeding at the time of delivery, but by undergoing cesarean section, the complications can be prevented.

You can get relief from various other problems by undergoing proper medical treatment and good prenatal care. You should consult your health care provider before trying to become pregnant. Particularly this is important if you:

  • Are on the usage of medications for longer time
  • Have severe medical problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and a seizure disorder

Healthy habits for pregnancy after 35:

In order to decrease the risks during your pregnancy:

  • You should eat healthy and balanced diet.
  • Gain right amount of weight.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking or taking illegal drugs.
  • Avoid taking over-the-counter medications or any herbal supplements without your doctor’s prescription.
  • Do regular exercise, only with the guidance of your health care provider.

Along with the above healthy habits, you should undergo regular prenatal screenings in order to know how well your baby is developing.


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