The 35 Year Old Pregnancy Dilemma

With women becoming more conscious about building their careers, it is quite common to postpone having a child in the early years.

This means that the number of first time moms in their late thirties and even forties is increasing significantly.

With advancing medical technologies it may be easier to get pregnant and have a safe pregnancy at this age but it carries with it, its own inherent risks.

Pregnancy DilemmaSome of the main reasons sought for difficult pregnancies and a higher rate of birth defects in this age group are the falling quantity and quality of eggs for ovulation, decreased frequency of intercourse and underlying medical and gynecological problems.

Despite the increasing medical help, women above 35 face more problems related to fertility, conception, carrying the pregnancy to term and having a normal child as compared to women in their twenties, especially if it is their first pregnancy.

A woman over 35 has higher risks giving birth to a child with birth defects as the eggs may not divide normally leading to a misbalanced number of chromosomes.

The chances of a miscarriage are much higher too due to a higher chance of chromosomal defects.

Women in their late thirties or early forties may be suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure. These factors need to be brought under control before she can conceive.

Women with good health are known to develop high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancies, in case of older women the risks are higher and also its effect on both the child and the mother can be significant.

A 35 year old mom is more likely to have a caesarean delivery. Still births are more frequent for women in this age group.

Adequate medical intervention and a healthy life style before conception and during the pregnancy have proved to be beneficial.

A woman planning to have a baby should increase her folic consumption, eat a healthy and balanced diet, give up smoking and alcohol and limit caffeine consumption so as to give her yet to be conceived baby a better chance.


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