The Benefits and Effects of Reiki on Fertility

Reiki is a Japanese concept and technique which is used for relaxation and reduction of stress.  It is a science of healing which is administered by laying on hands and is based on a force that is unseen.  According to Reiki there is a certain force energy which flows through us and helps us stay alive.

The benefits and effects of Reiki are seen on a number of areas such as for medical treatment, treatment of depression and other problems and even fertility. Yes, the science of Reiki if used carefully can help a person improve fertility and cause conception.  Reiki can improve one’s chance of getting pregnant by minimizing the health problems and other conditions.

benefits and effects of reiki on fertility

The Following are the Reiki Benefits for Fertility and Labor

  • According to Reiki, one must maintain a positive attitude and think that getting pregnant is easy and will happen. This positive attitude improves the mental health and reduces the stress which may be keeping one from conceiving. Thinking positive thoughts and having faith on one’s body to conceive can also reduce the risk of depression. Due to decrease in the level of stress, there is a sudden improvement in the fertility.
  • Another benefit of Reiki that can help in improving fertility is that it increases the energy levels and raises the overall immune system health as well. This makes the body more capable of fighting medical conditions and problems which prove as a roadblock in getting pregnant and hence leads to conception.
  • Reiki also reduces the levels of anxiety and depression and due to this reason; the overall fertility is impacted and hence improved. One has a better chance at conceiving if the anxiety, stress and other negative feelings are less.

Reiki Therapy for Fertility

Reiki is a simple science but may need a course to become fully equipped with its techniques and methods.  The Reiki hand positions are the most effective way to improve the fertility.  By knowing the Reiki hand positions, one can balance the endocrine system because each of the glands is treated by the balancing energy during the treatment session.

One has to apply the Reiki energy to the reproductive organs so that the negative energy present is eliminated. Due to stress and anxiety, there is a stagnant negative energy which builds up and this energy is released due to Reiki.  One must do Reiki every day when trying to conceive.

Practicing or receiving Reiki can improve the reproductive health of both males and females and hence improves the chance of getting pregnant.  Besides this, Reiki can also encourage good preconception health.  It also improves the prenatal health of a woman and helps during the labor process as well.

During pregnancy, thereare many benefits which one can reap from Reiki. For example, it reduces morning sickness and also decreases the occurrence of Nausea during the first few months of pregnancy. Also, one who receives or practices Reiki on a regular basis also experiences a comfortable Pregnancy due to improvement in sleep.


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