The Most Commonly Prescribed Fertility Drugs

Fertility drugs are those that are used to treat a situation where a woman has been unable to conceive a baby in spite of having been attempting to do so for 12 months or more.

Infertility drugs seek to address issues of ovulation that determines a woman’s fecundity and ability to get pregnant or other issues such as miscarriage and the inability to carry a child to term.

Sometimes fertility drugs may be used even when the woman is ovulating normally and adequately but the male has problems which may require to be resolved using In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). IVF requires the woman’s eggs to be retrieved for treatment so that her egg production is required to enhance.fertility drugs

Fertility drugs can be in different forms and can be administered either by injection or by taking orally or nasal spray. The most commonly prescribed fertility drugs are:

Ovulations Stimulation Fertility Drugs: Drugs like clomiphene citrate, known commonly by the brand name Clomid, is the most commonly used fertility drug. It comes in a pill form and is known to stimulate ovulation in up to 80% cases. There aren’t too many side effects and this is among the cheaper fertility drugs.

FSH fertility drugs: These are the drugs that do the job of the follicle stimulating hormone in the body which help the oocytes present in the ovaries to grow and mature in order that conception may occur. There are also other FSH fertility drugs which are made up of hormones actually extracted from urine of women who are past menopause. FSH fertility drugs are usually taken by way of injection.

HCG Fertility Drugs: The LH hormone is necessary to trigger ovulation in the body and there are fertility drugs that imitate this hormone in the body.

The constituent of this drug is the pregnancy hormone HCG which is what helps women identify the fact that they are pregnant. These drugs may be used after or in addition to other fertility procedures that may be ongoing.

Sometimes drugs to suppress ovulation are also used as fertility drugs. Ovulation suppression is done when there is an ongoing IVF treatment in order to time the ovulation in a way that the eggs produced can be collected. They are also used to suppress the Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome in the event that levels of estrogen are found to be higher than required.


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