Waiting Till Later May Not Be The Best Pregnancy Policy

Although it is common for women to delay having a child until after they have a solid career path, new findings from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggests that women should aim to have children between age 20 and 35 or there may be complications.

According to the evidence from the research it is becoming much harder than anticipated to get pregnant after the age of 25 with an increased risk to the mother and child as well as an increase in miscarriages and complications.pregnancy policy

Lately, the medical field has grown alarmed at the increasing number of women waiting until their thirties to have babies and is even going as far as to say the task is ‘defying nature.’

In fact, past the age of thirty fertility treatments only have a success rate of 31% and after age 42 it drops down to a dramatic 5%.

At the same time, the risks to mothers who have children in their 40s are anywhere between two to five times higher than mothers who have children in their twenties.

Mandish Dhanjal, an obstetrician who worked as a consultant for the report stated that celebrity mothers who wait longer are a large influence while noting that in the 80’s only 8% of all pregnant women were in their forties while the current figure weighs in at more than double that amount at 19%.

Woman who wait until they are older also are more likely to have caesarean births and need to be induced during childbirth as well which endorses to more risks for the baby and mother as well.


  1. Of course – women waiting until their thirties to have babies! Maybe it is a surprise for authors but women would like to have their career and financial independence. How can they do so having children in time which is most important step of their career.


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