5 Ways to Improve Fertility of Sperms

Infertility among males and females is a rising concern due to which many couples are unable to conceive and experience the joy of having a baby.  It is a fact that about 15% of couples experience problems in conception and one of the major reasons for this is male infertility or low sperm count.  Infact, men are responsible for conception problems about 40% of the times but by following some ways, the fertility of sperms and count of sperms can be improved.

Improve Fertility of Sperms

The following are the 5 most effective ways to that helps to improve the fertility of sperms:

1. Improving Diet

Improving your diet is one of the best ways for you to improve the sperm fertility.  It is important for you to get a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains on a daily basis and to have a balanced diet.  It is also very essential to avoid tobacco and alcohol as much as possible and refrain from coffee, tea, drugs and other foods which contain artificial additives of any kind. A good diet can lead to an ideal weight which too is important for improving fertility.

2. Exercising Regularly

Another way to make sure that your sperm fertility and count is up to the mark is to indulge in regular exercising or physical workout.  This helps in keeping the body fit, away from infections and maintaining ideal body weight.

3. Reducing Exposure to Chemicals

It is believed that the semen of men these days is half the sperm and half the quality as it was 50 years ago and this may be due to exposure to chemicals and fumes. So reducing use of plastic containers, plastic bottles, plastic polybags and avoiding exposure to any other chemicals is a good way to make sure that your sperm fertility is normal. It is advised that men and women both must avoid having chlorinated tap water and avoid use of charcoal based form of cooking

4. Taking Herbal Help

There are many herbs or herbal supplements which are believed to improve the sperm count as well as the fertility of sperms in men.  Some herbs which are recommended for improving sexual desire, better erection and better sperm fertility are panax ginseng, nutmeg, rhodiola rosea, horny goat weed and tribulus terrestis. But remember to take doctor’s consultation before using any of these supplements. Moreover, sperm formation can take as many as 3 months and hence you must wait for atleast this time to see improvements.

5. Taking Nutritional Supplements

Taking nutritional supplements can also help in the improvement of fertility of sperms. Some nutritional supplements that can help are zinc, vitamin C, chromium, selenium, copper, vitamin E, coenzyme, B complex vitamins and fatty acids.  Vitamin C helps in prevention of the condition where the sperms stick together. On the other hand, Zinc has shown to improve the testosterone levels, sperm mobility as well as sperm count.  Some zinc rich foods are organ meats, oysters, turkey, lamb and wheat germ.

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