Top 7 Baby Travel Gear Gifting Ideas

All the parents would agree that it wasn’t easy packing up for travel before they had a kid and nothing gets easier when they have a baby going along. So the next time you want to gift a friend, a relative or an acquaint something, then go for the parent side in them. There are so many amazing baby travel gear and related stuff that you can gift those parents. These baby travel gear accessories are sure to make life very easy on the go. Here is a list of the top and the best options which will make amazing gifts:

baby travel gear gifting ideas1. Travel Stroller

Yeah! Yeah! I know most of the parents will already have a stroller, but for those who don’t already have a travel stroller- this will be the best gift ever. And even for those who have it, an additional more fun, jazzier one never does anyone harm, does it!

2. Baby Car Seat

This is a must, must have whenever parents are embarking on a road trip with their toddler. So get this for the ones you want to make happy and see how you make their road trips happier and most importantly safer.

3. Travel Tool Kit

Yes, it is finally here. A travel tool kit which is a compact box containing all that you need to make a place- hotel, relatives house etc.- baby proof for the duration of your visit. This gift will help them baby proof a place on their own, and also take the stuff out without any damage to the property.

4. Portable Cribs/ Portable Baby Beds

Travelling parents are bound to find it difficult to get their baby to sleep through the night if there isn’t a baby bed. They may fit the baby into their bed, but it’s oh so uncomfortable for all. This problem is solved by the portable baby crib/ bed. Gift it to anyone you want and let them have a good night’s sleep on the vacations.

5. Airplane Seat

Who thought air travel could be so easy even with a baby in tow? Well the inventers of this travel accessory did not just think of it, but also made it happen. The “flyebaby” is the seat whose back gets attached to the plane seat in front of the parent with the baby lying in the flyebaby seat. So gift this to the parents and have them enjoy a flight with both hands free.

6. Baby Carriers

There are numerous classy, adorable and amazing looking baby front carriers or backpacks that you can give as a gift. These make it so much easierfor the parents to travel with the baby, carrying the baby securely, close to them. So go and get one for your friends or family or whoever it is.

7. Baby Care Travel Kits

The care and grooming kits make one of the best kids for adults and now the same applies for the kids. Get your parent friends or family members a travel care kit which will help carry all the care products easily.


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