10 Tips to Lay Out and Design a Baby’s Nursery

During the last few months of your pregnancy, one of the activities that you can do to keep yourself busy and also get ready for the soon-to-arrive baby is decorating his/her nursery. The nursery does not need to be costly to look good. Infact, there are so many different ways to do it and so many amazing materials and items that can be used.

Creating a nursery that will make the baby feel good is a manageable and simple process, one which you must start at the right time. Here are a few useful tips to lay out and design a baby’s nursery.

lay out and design a baby’s nursery1. Give yourself time and freedom

If it is in your control, start decorating the nursery well in advance. This will give you a lot of freedom and time to decorate it exactly how you want and pay attention to little details like wall color, curtains, toys etc.

2. Consider childproofing the nursery room

Another important tip to lay down a nursery is to child proof it as much as possible. It is important to avoid sharp edges, sharp lights, dangerous corners and other such things in the nursery.

3. Set a budget

Starting to decorate a nursery without having a set budget in mind can prove heavy on your pocket. Decide on a budget and accordingly bring in the crib, the toys, the furnishing items and other components of the nursery room. There are many good things available at affordable rates as well.

4. Measure the room

To start the designing, you will need to first measure the room properly and write down the measurements somewhere. When you go shopping for furniture and paint, you will need these measurements.

5. Put the crib close to the entrance

This is a highly useful tip because this can avoid you to walk all the way across the room to attend your baby in an emergency. Also, it helps you to quickly detect if your baby is crying in the night when you are in another room.

6. Put the changing table next to the crib

The changing table must always be close to or just next to the crib because if the baby wets, you can quickly get him changed into new clothes rather than carrying him all the way across the room.

7. Put a rocking chair or another chair near the window

Ttry using a recliner near the window to calm down the baby or soothe him whenever he cries. You can put a blind or curtain to avoid direct sunlight.

8. Create enough storage

Make sure you put in enough storage pieces such as drawers, cupboards and shelves in the nursery room.

9. Get in the right lighting

The room for a baby must be well lit but shouldn’t have lights which hurt the eyes of the infant. So use natural light and add designer lighting pieces.

10. Get the right flooring

Another important tip while designing a nursery is to choose the right flooring material. Carpets can harbor growth of aller


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