Music For Baby in The Womb – Your Tiny Companion is Listening!!

“Can you hear me sing baby? ‘Nomomom’, the tiny companion nodded yes in your womb.

Did you know music has an incredible effect in babies, even before they are born? Babies in the womb likely starts to develop hearing abilities in the second trimester, but they only start to respond to various noises in the third trimester, until then the sounds are just vibrations and deep hums.

Babies Respond To Mother’s Voice The Most!!

However, it is said amongst all sounds, mom’s voice is what the baby responds to the most. Since mom’s voice is produced inside her own body, as she sings or talks, the sound vibrates and amplifies in the womb.

Apparently, the sound of mom’s voice is more effective than putting ear phones on the belly and listening to music.

Researchers have found that babies actually learn in the womb, which actually means getting familiarised with something. And the learning could be through the sound of music too.

It is said that music has healing capabilities and soothing effects on babies. Although there aren’t any substantial proofs for it, it is believed that whatever you do during your pregnancy period, it will indirectly shape the baby’s future in the outer world.

Music For Baby in The Womb – Your Tiny Companion is Listening!!

Medical Expert’s Findings

Medical experts have conducted several music tests on pregnant women to find out if music had any kind of effect on unborn babies.

And the results were positive!! According to the outcome, it was seen that babies who were exposed to music in the womb actually had significant improvement in their overall development including mental, cognitive, emotional and sensory.

“Influence on Kalyani Raga, an Indian Classical Music in Babies and Pregnant Moms

A study was conducted where pregnant moms were distributed CDs of Carnatic Music comprising of Kalyani Raga. The women were asked to listen to the music for 20 continuous days, atleast for 20 minutes each day.

After the 20 days’ period, scan and tests were made to check if there were any significant changes in the baby’s responses and development in the womb. They found that music did have positive influence on both, baby and the mother.

The music not only brought calmness and positive attitude in the pregnant woman but also improved the baby’s reflexes, movements, stimulation and responses to sounds.

Benefits of Listening To Music During Pregnancy

The positive vibes that music enfolds will not only produce good effects on the mom but also improve the growth and mental simulation of the baby.  It also helps moms to bond with their child more. If a baby has a calming effect listening to a particular song or music, then she will experience the same effect when she’s born. It is a great pacifier for the baby.

Music also lowers pregnant mom’s anxiety and stress levels in the third trimester.

  • Music Improves Baby’s Auditory Senses: Although they may not understand the music, but the vibration the sounds waves produce will enhance infant’s concentration, skills and auditory senses.
  • Will Develop Baby’s Reflexes: Babies will listen to the vibration and start reacting to them. Once they are born, they will be able to connect with the similar song. 
  • It Acts LikeA Soothing Lullaby in The Womb: Some pregnant women who are anxious and experience constant kicks retort to music. And it actually helps. Music or songs sung by the mom will help relax and calm the baby. Similar type of music will have same lullabying effect on babies even after they grow up.

What Type of Music Should Moms Listen To?

Well, there’s no particular answer to this. Many recommend listening soft and soothing music. The type largely depends upon your personality and mood. However, any music, be it pop or Carnatic that has a certain rhythm and pattern to it which your baby can easily recognise can be heard.

Soft music is usually recommended since they don’t produce blaring sound. This also means your baby’s breaths change according to the vibrations they receive from the music. Loud music such as jazz, rock or jarring beats can cause adverse effect on the baby.

However, it is noted that classical music does have a positive effect on the womb. It is believed the rhythms and low drums or instruments hums create a stimulating vibration in the belly that your baby will appreciate, even after it is born.

The main aim here is to connect emotionally with your baby with low vibrations. Hence why it is said that while you are pregnant, nothing should be in excessive, even too much music.

If you are listening to music via headphones, make sure you do this in small bits and parts and not more than couple of hours.


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