8 Nursery Decorating Ideas and Tips

Pregnancy is a time when a female gets ready to welcome a new special person in her life and the entire family gears up for the welcome of the new member. There are many things to do in this phase including shopping for clothes, furniture, linen and so many items which the baby will need once he/she enters the world.

Getting a nursery ready for the baby is also one of these important tasks which need your attention and dedication. The nursery should be a place which the baby loves and hence certain things must be kept in mind while designing and decorating it. The following are 8 nursery decorating ideas and tips.

nursery decorating ideas and tips1. Newborns can only see whites, blacks and gray color tones and as their sight develops further, the first color they see is red. Hence avoid using red color in the nursery because it can create certain confusion in the mind of the newborn whether this is the only color he/she can see. You can opt for softer tones of greens, blues and pinks to paint the walls of the nursery and while choosing linen.

2. A great tip to decorate the walls of the nursery is to get pictures from old children books framed. This is a way of creative yet an inexpensive art and can fill a large wall easily and in a colorful way.

3. Wallpapers are in vogue these days and you can get one for the nursery. This is a durable way to decorate the nursery and is a quick style as well. Go for an attractive pattern or design when choosing wallpaper.

4. Try to go for all the durable fabrics and products when decorating a nursery. Nursery is one place which is going to get very dirty and hence it’s better to use only durable and washable items. Some ideas for this include hardwood floors and washable rugs.

5. Lighting is an important aspect of a nursery. Make sure you add a dimmer switch as this is an inexpensive way to change the mood from active to laid back. This can also help you save on the electricity bill.

6. To make way for an extra space to sleep, you can try adding a daybed in the nursery. This is a great way to make sure that you too can sleep in the nursery when the baby is ill. Infact, your older children too can sleep on this bed if ever the need arises.

7. Another tip to decorate a nursery is to add a changing table with many drawers. It not only serves the purpose of changing diapers and clothes but also acts as a storage item where you can keep clothes or diapers.

8. Use a cloth storage rack to create extra storage space in the nursery. This rack can be hung next to the changing table or the crib. You can keep items like lotions and powders in the pouches of these storage racks.

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