Preparing Grandparents for the Arrival of a New Baby

When a new baby is about to arrive in the house, the house has to be prepared for its welcome and for its upbringing. But more important than making physical changes to a house is to prepare people who will be living with the baby. Just as you prepare siblings for the birth of a new brother or sister, it is very important to prepare grandparents as well.

A grandparent is one of the most crucial relationships for any person and it is important to strengthen that bond from the very beginning.

Grandparents must be prepared to new sounds, new schedules and new ways to cope with everything else in the life as well. Afterall, a new baby is one of the most wonderful gifts that you can give your parents. The following are a few tips that you can follow to prepare a grandparent for the arrival of a new baby.

preparing grandparents for the arrival of a new babyBrush up their Baby-Care Skills

In order to involve and engage your parents in the birth and upbringing of their grandchild, you can brush up their skills about baby care. When they gave birth to you, the ways and methods of baby care were different and thus they may need to learn new things like changing diapers, using baby care products and feeding the baby etc. You can slowly and patiently teach them these skills once the baby is born or before it.

Make them Realize about Importance of a Grandchild

Every person is different; while some may be very excited about the birth of a new grandchild, others may not be looking forward to it as much. To prepare the grandparent, you must make them feel that the birth of their grandchild will be a great thing for them and how the baby will make their lives better. Once they realize it’s true, they will themselves look forward to the arrival.

Encourage them to take a Baby Care Class

If your parents do not live with you and hence cannot learn about baby care from you, you can encourage them to take a baby care class to learn how to take care of their new grandchild. The class will teach them many things like holding the baby, putting the baby to sleep, feeding the baby, changing diapers, bathing the baby and using many types of baby items.

Talk to them about the soon to arrive baby

It is important to talk to them about the baby, how things will change for good and how life will be different about the birth of the baby. By doing so, you will be able to prepare them mentally for the arrival of a new member in the family. You can discuss ways to make room for the baby with them and also talk to them about possible baby names to involve them as much as possible. Also, you can go shopping with them for baby products to get them excited and enthusiastic about the birth of their grandchild.


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