The Top Pros and Cons of a Pacifier

A Pacifier is a baby accessory which is made of either plastic or rubber and is used to soothe the little ones. These accessories are used by infants to suck on and consist of a teat, mouth shield and also a handle. While some parents swear by pacifiers, other may not be in agreement.

While some doctors may suggest you to employ pacifiers, others may strictly suggest you not to use them. This is because of the fact that there are both negatives and positives of pacifiers and to know more about the same, you can read the following given points:

pros and cons of a pacifierPros of using Pacifiers

  • One of the most important and significant positive point associated with using a pacifier is that it provides a definite protection from SIDs. Infact using of pacifiers have shown to reduce the risk of SIDs by about 61%. Thus using pacifiers can be life saving for babies or infants.
  • Another positive point associated with the use of pacifiers is that they help improve the arousability in babies who are faced with life-threatening conditions or challenges.
  • It is a fact that a pacifier may help in keeping the oral airway open. It does so by pushing the tongue of the baby forward.
  • It is an obvious positive that a pacifier soothes a baby and makes him/her feel good and remain calm. The feel-good factor comes from the fact that the sucking stimulates the release of chemicals from the brain of the infant and this may help decrease stress.

Cons of using Pacifiers

  • One of the biggest downside of using a pacifier is that it may interfere with breastfeeding. This happens because pacifiers may reduce the stimulation from sucking which gradually leads to a reducing in the production of breast milk.
  • Another negative associated with the use of a pacifier is that it may lead to a risk of an ear infection. It may be a fairly small risk but a risk nonetheless. Several medical facilities suggest the stop of pacifier use by one year of baby’s birth since ear infections are more common in infants who are over 6 months of age.
  • It is true that a pacifier may soothe the baby but relying on it for baby’s comfort is also a negative point associated with pacifier use. Babies may get hooked to the pacifier and it may become difficult to calm them or make them happy by any other method. This kind of addiction so early in a baby’s life is not considered good by doctors.
  • If not used properly, a pacifier can affect the teeth of a child. Some of the results of this include formation of cavities, gum recession and malocclusion. This is especially the case when pacifiers are used for a long period of time in a day.

Thus, before getting your baby used to a pacifier, you must always consult with your doctor first. Try to understand the best way to give a pacifier and when to stop its usage.


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