Top 7 Reasons why Newborn Babies Cry

There is no running away from the fact that babies cry. Crying is the way for babies to communicate fear, hunger, fear, need for sleep and other things.  But it is often hard to figure out why new borns cry since there are so many possibilities.  This is why it is important to work your way down a list and figure out the exact reason why the baby may be crying. The following are the top 7 reasons why newborn babies cry:

reasons why newborn babies cry

1. Hunger

The first thing that you must think of when the baby is crying is hunger.  You must be able to recognise the signs of hunger in your new born as this will help you soothe the baby and feed him on time.  Some signs which show that the baby is crying for food are smacking lips, fussing, rooting and putting hands on the mouth.

2. A Dirty Diaper

Another common reason due to which a baby may cry is due to a dirty diaper.  While some babies tolerate a dirty diaper for a long time, others may let you know right away by crying.  It is thus a good idea to check the diaper whenever the baby begins to cry to be sure.

3. Needs Sleep

When babies feel sleepy, then don’t usually just nod off and go to sleep like adults. On the contrary, they may fuss and cry until you put them to sleep. Thus another common reason for new borns to cry is when the need to sleep and especially if they are very tired.

4. Tummy Problems

Another very common reason that babies may cry is when they are experiencing some tummy problems. Some of the tummy problems that most new borns tend to experience include gas, colic and others.  Babies tend to develop a lot of gas because the only thing they have for the first few months is milk.  Both colic and gas can make the tummy of the baby hurt and the best way to deal with this is to make sure the baby burps often and especially after having milk. Ask your doctor for an over the counter anti gas drop.

5. Needs to Burp

Burping is mandatory for babies and if your baby cries after feeding then one good burp may make all the difference. Make sure you burp him/her often in between feeding sessions and also after a long session.  Babies tend to swallow air when they breastfeed or even when they have milk from a bottle. If this air isn’t released, then this could cause discomfort.

6. Too Hot or Too Cold

If the baby is feeling either too hot or too cold then this could be another reason for crying.  Make sure you regularly check for this and regulate the temperature of the room accordingly.  Newborns like to be cosy but not too warm and hence you must wrap them up properly in one layer rather than several layers.


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