Stages of Infant Development

It is just normal for the parents to be interested in the stages of infant development. It is amazing how much babies develop during the first 12 months of their lives. In order to be prepared for these changes, it is best to gather some information in advance.

Stages of Infant Development

The first three months

This is the time when the babies’ brain develops and they start getting used to living in this world. It is common for the babies to start smiling. After a while the babies will smile in response to other people’s smiles. When the babies are on their tummies they can raise their head and chest.

Also in case you are thinking about the stages of baby development you have to prepare for the baby tracking objects with their eyes and eye crossing will happen less and less often. One of the cutest things that the babies do is to bring their hands to their eyes, as if they wanted to hide.

4-6 months

This is the time when babies learn to reach out and to manipulate the world around them. Also they discover that they have voices. This is why they start to babble and laugh besides rolling over and trying to reach out and grab some objects.

7-9 months

The parents interested in the infants’ development stages should know that this period is all about moving. Now that the baby can roll, he or she will try to move around. Crawling can appear in the form of regular crawling, scooting or army crawling. In this period of time the babies are already able to sit without support.

The brain activity also develops during this one of the stages of infant development. Now the little one responds to the familiar words, such as his name and they can already play some games like peekaboo and patty-cake. When he or she is lying down they can already pull up.

10-12 months

At this baby development stage, the little one already acts like a toddler. He or she can learn to feed themselves and they can cruise around the room. There are some words that they already can pronounce, like Papa or Mama. Pointing is also common in this period. The stages of infant development are the same, but babies develop at different rates.


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