Baby Shower Décor – Evaluating the Best Choices

Baby showers are supposed to be fun and you should also have fun while preparing the baby shower décor. The good news is that there are a lot of fun ideas that you could use, not to mention that only your creativity can set your boundaries.

Baby Shower Décor

Cocktail napkin flowers

You don’t have to look for expensive decorations that you can find in stores. For this piece of decoration you just need a few cocktail napkins and a bit of patience. You will have to work with the napkins origami-style, but in the end you should have some flowers that won’t look like the napkins they were at the beginning.

Tissue paper flowers

When thinking about décor for baby shower, you could also think about flowers of this kind. The end result is something like in the previous case. The only difference is that in this case the flowers have a ball shape, and they are great to be hung above the table and around the house.

Scrapbook paper pinwheels

For this piece of baby shower design you should take some scrapbook paper and fold it into a fan shape. Take another piece of paper and do the same with it. Twist them together and then staple the ends together to create a circle shape. You can use this piece of decoration together with the others.

Baby sock bouquet

In order to create this piece of baby party décor you just have to use some floral tape and floral wire. After you are done with bouquet, you could also add some fake greenery. In the end place the bouquet into a vase.

Diaper cake

This is a classic piece for decoration for baby party. This will show the mother that you are interested in her needs, but it also shows her that you have a good sense of style. The cake could also have bottles, blankets, bibs and sippy cups.

Cupcake liner topiary

For this piece of décor for baby party you need a round Styrofoam as well as cupcake liners in the color that you like. You should use some hot glue to stick the cupcake liners to the foam. Get a mason jar and add some marbles to it. In the end you will have something like a huge bouquet.

Clothes line onesies

If you opt for this kind of baby party decoration you will need a rope that you should hang across a wall. Once you are done you need to hang up onesies. Between them you could put some paper lanterns or napkin flowers. Another thing you could do is to add to the wire the gifts that the mother gets.

Washcloth lollipops

When it comes to baby shower’s decorations you could get some washcloths and roll them tightly. Roll over the ends and pin them together. Stick a stick in the middle and cover the ‘lollipop’ with cellophane.

As you can see there are a lot of good ideas for baby shower decoration.


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