Baby Shower Favors to Make at Home

The favors are an important part of any shower or party because they act as a memento of the event that people attend. If you are thinking about baby shower favors to make you should think about items that have a connection with the theme or the color scheme of the shower.

Baby Shower Favors to Make

White baby shower favors

The best thing about this favor is that during the shower you can use it as a centerpiece and when the shower is over you can offer it as favor to the guests. Think about white chocolate candy, truffles, white rock candy, white dragees with chocolate filling, candied coconut and marshmallows.

Child-friendly favors

If you are thinking about baby party favors to make consider those that are child-friendly. For instance if you have a monkey themed shower get yellow paper bags and fill them with candy. Then punch two holes into the top of the bag and slip a monkey key chain or bead through them.


It is a really good idea to offer healthy baby party favors. All you have to do is to get some glassine bags and decorate them with scalloped scissors. Once you are done fill the bags with seasonal fruits. Think about the fruits that match the theme or the color scheme of the shower.

French styled favors

For more sophisticated favors for baby party you could consider wrapping a white chocolate block in parchment and using waxed twine to tie it. In the end add a vanilla bean to the wrapping. You could slip a card with the name of the guests under the waxed twine.


If you are having a brunch and you are thinking about favors to make for baby shower it may be a really good idea to offer the recipes of the dishes as favors. Just get decorative cards and write on them the recipe that you used. You can be sure that all the women will be grateful to you.

Dress it up

No matter what kind of baby shower favor you have in mind you could make it a lot more interesting if you dress it up with paper flowers. You could simply cut the flowers out of colored paper or create something origami style to make it more interesting.

Flower wrapping

When thinking about favors to make for baby party you could think about making a statement and wrapping the favors into flower shaped tissue paper. Use the base of the color to contain the candy that you choose, and design the rest to look like a real flower.


As a simple baby shower favor idea you could put meringues into clear plastic boxes that are lined with patterned paper. Add a ribbon to the package and offer the favor to the guests.

As you can see there are a lot of different ideas for favors for baby shower. All you have to do is to find the one that is the most suitable for your shower and to prepare the favors in time.


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