Top Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Organizing a baby shower for a little boy is supposed to be something fun. The first thing that you have to do is to choose from the baby shower themes for boys. This will set the mood for the shower and you will have to choose all the items according to the theme.

Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Mommy silhouette as the theme for baby boy showers

In this case the different items should have a blue background and a white silhouette of a pregnant woman in the front with some text that refers to the fact that the mother is expecting a boy. Usually the text is something simple, like ‘It’s a boy’ or something of the sort.

Monkey boy

In many cases women choose this theme as the theme for shower for baby boy. For the decoration you could think about key chains that come with a little monkey. You could also offer them as baby shower favors.


This is also a good idea for the baby boy shower themes. In this case use as decorations candles in the shape of wild animals. For instance you could have candles in this shape. It is a good idea to have a cake in the shape of a cute giraffe or lion or any other wild animal that you like.

Sea creatures as kids’ shower theme for boys

The sea creatures also make people think about little boy and so this is also a suitable theme for the baby shower of a baby boy. In this case the base color is dark blue. As in idea, you could have dark blue table cloths or plates and the glasses could also have the same color, not to mention the rest of the decorations.

Little cowboy

When it comes to kids’ shower themes for boys you could have a country themed shower. In this case you could have small cowboys on the decorations to achieve a special country feel. You could also offer a cowboy hat to the future mother instead of a tiara for her to be more special than the rest of the women.

Little robots

Robots are also specific for little boys, and so they are just perfect for the themes for the kids’ shower for boys. If you opt for this theme you should have a lot of colorful decorations and also look for small toy robots that you could use for the centerpieces or to scatter around the room.


If you happen to be on a lookout for a more special boy’s theme for baby shower, this is the way to go. For the decorations you could borrow some balls, like soccer ball, football ball, baseball ball, basketball ball and so on, and have them lying around the room. For a bigger effect you could gather them all in one place, so that they will become more visible.

As you can see there are a lot of different ideas for boy baby shower themes.


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