Best Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

There is nothing more pleasant than throwing a baby shower. If you are the one to take care of everything, you may be looking for baby shower ideas for boys.

First you have to come up with a theme and based on the theme think about the decorations and about the shower favors.

Best Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

Diaper cake

The diaper cake is one of the most common items of the baby showers.

This is because it is something practical and the mother will thank you for it later. The main point is that the cake is made of diapers and other essential items for the baby, like towels and bottles. There are a lot of different styles to choose from.


When it comes to the ideas for baby showers for boys you have to think about the favors as well. You could offer binkies made of candy. These could have the shape of a peacemaker and the top part should be a jellybean. Add a blue ribbon to the favors to let the guests know that the mother will have a little boy.

Tiffany punch

If you are looking for a more special baby shower ideas for boys consider having a more interesting punch at the shower such as Tiffany punch. To prepare it you just need Blue Hawaiian Punch and some lemonade. Since it has a nice blue color, make sure that you put it in a glass bowl.


The boys’ baby shower ideas also have to include the menu. It is a very good idea to have some fruit. To make it look more interesting take a watermelon and carve it out to the shape of a stroller. Add slices of lemon as wheels and a piece of cantaloupe as the baby.


In case you are thinking about baby shower ideas for boys and you need ideas for the favors, think about a bouquet made of baby towels.  The majority of women will be able to use these towels even if they don’t have a baby anymore.


When you are looking for ideas for boys’ baby shower, you may want to have something to greet the guests with. Think about having a special wreath on the door. For this you will need 10 baseball balls and a baseball hat in the middle. For sure all the guests will know that the baby is a little boy.


The women looking for baby shower ideas for boys know that there is nothing more suitable for a shower than cupcakes. To make them even more interesting, you might want to add a pinwheel to them. The frosting on the cupcakes should be blue and the pinwheels should be blue as well.


If you are looking for baby shower ideas for baby boys it is a must to have some balloons. For instance you could have them in the shape of a baby bottle.

There are a lot of baby shower ideas for boys that you could use.


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