2012 Trends for Boy Baby Shower Invitations

There can be nothing more pleasant than organizing a baby shower.

On the other hand, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities, such as choosing boy baby shower invitations. You could come up with something original or you may follow the latest trends.

Boy Baby Shower Invitations

Classic couple and baby boy shower invitations

If you want to have an elegant invitation, you should have on it a pregnant woman and a man. Their heads shouldn’t be visible, but they should be elegantly clothed and it is best if there are some gifts on the invitation as well. It is a good idea to have the man giving the woman a gift.

Baby bump

When looking for shower invitations for baby boy you should take a photo of the mother, or of the mother’s belly. She should have her hands in the shape of a heart in front of her belly. This way the invitation will become more personal and the mother will also take part in the preparations.


In case you are looking for something fun regarding the boy baby shower invitations it is a good idea to have on the invitation a blue balloon saying ‘It’s a boy’. This balloon should also have a ribbon. Besides the balloon add the details of the shower such as date, time and location.

Chic crib

It is possible that the future mother has a chic style. This should be visible on the baby boy’s shower invitations as well. Have the drawing of a mother with chic clothes besides a crib that is filled with gifts. It is best to use a lot of blue on the invitation so that the guests will know that the little one is a boy.

Mom to bee

For a funny spin on the boy baby shower invitations have a chic pregnant mother on the invitation dressed in black and yellow and besides her have a crib that is filled with gifts. It is also nice to have a bee on the invitation and the text ‘Mom to bee’.


For the ‘Wild West’ here is an idea regarding the shower invitations for baby boys: have a cowgirl on the invitation. She should have a cowgirl hat and the right boots. Also she may hold in her hands a pair of tiny boots for the baby. On the rest of the invitation have a crib filled with gifts.

Changing table

When it comes to boy baby shower invitations is there anything cuter that you can think about than a mother besides a changing table. You could have this on the invitation. Make sure that the mother will look happy on the invitation.


Another funny idea regarding the invitations for baby boy shower is to have a pile of gifts and the pregnant mother sitting on top of them in a chic dress.

As you can see there are a lot of ideas that you can use for the boy baby shower invitations. Choose the most suitable for the mother.


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