Get Ideas from Celebrity Baby Showers

Often the babies of celebrities are spoiled even before they get born.

When it comes to the celebrity baby showers, the celebrities like to come up with something interesting through the theme that they choose or the sweet treats that they offer.

Celebrity Baby Showers

Beyonce and the baby showers of celebrities

We all know that the celebrities like to spoil the children of other celebrities. This is why on her baby shower Beyonce received as a gift a baby tub made of porcelain that is covered with 44,928 Swarovski crystals from Kelly Rowland and Lori Gardner. This is the way to start a new life.

Victoria Beckham

Although she is the mother of three boys, when it comes to celebrities’ baby showers she had a really interesting request: only pink gifts. Her baby shower was co-hosted by actress Eva Longoria and Ken Paves. This was a celebration of girly things including pink blossoms and tablecloths.

Alanis Morisette

The singer had a really special idea regarding celebrity baby showers. She threw a henna party. This is a special kind of dying stain that stains only the upper layer of the skin. She got her belly elaborately painted and the guests also took part of the action. This is something that you could do as well.

Kelly Preston

When Kelly Preston and John Travolta had their celebrity baby shower they decided that they wanted a more special shower favor. This is why they had custom made chocolate birds in nests. This is the perfect way to show the world that now they are ‘nesting’ too. This is a shower favor that everybody would love.


Although the singer does everything differently from other people, when thinking about celebrity baby showers she thought that it was time to go traditional, so she had her shower in her hometown and only close friends and relatives were invited. The shower was organized by her mother.

Kim Raver

Her baby shower with celebrities was organized by Brooke Shields and she had a quilting station at the shower. This way all the guests could create a unique square piece of fabric and in the end all of them were sown together. The baby ended up with a truly unique baby blanket.

Sheryl Crowe

The singer is an important part of the music industry, but she is also remarkable in the world of celebrity baby showers. She started the trend of green baby showers. She had only recycled and reusable items along with organic products, such as the candles. The food was also organic at this shower.

Mariah Carey

The mega star never attended a baby shower of a celebrity, but she knew what she wanted. She had an adults-only cocktail party. Everything was fabulous at the shower, even the life sized stuffed giraffes.  The decorations included blue and pink balloons, napkins and flowers.

As you can see, the celebrity baby showers are all about glamour and luxury. Most probably you don’t even want to know how much such a baby shower costs.

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