Gift Giving and Receiving During Your Own Pregnancy

The gift of having a life growing inside of you is one of the most beautiful feelings a woman can experience. Sure, there are unexpected and often unpleasant side effects to pregnancy, but the good typically outweighs the bad. Others want to share in your happiness. The women at the office may start a “baby pool” and have fun at guessing the details of your baby’s birth. Later in your pregnancy, friends and family members will want to feel the baby kick. And everyone wants to be part of your baby shower!

As your baby develops, people are more apt to be especially kind to you. Even complete strangers will offer kind gestures to a noticeably pregnant woman. Your friends, family, and colleagues will take extra steps to show you how much they care. New mothers receive tips from seasoned moms on everything from helping you decide which prenatal vitamins are best to finding deals on maternity clothes.

Gift Giving and Receiving During Your Own Pregnancy

Pregnancies generally last nine months before it’s time to welcome the baby into the world. That’s quite a long while to wait as the anticipation mounts. With your pregnancy lasting three-fourths of a year, you’ll be celebrating birthdays and various holidays just as you would any other time. Only this time around, you’re with child and the expectations can be a little different.

Your colleagues may pitch in some cash to buy you things every expectant mother needs: diapers, infant clothing, bottles, and formula—the list goes on and on. Their kind gesture warms your heart, but you may also feel the gifts are too great in value, or you feel you’ll do just fine getting these items on your own. But with everyone’s excitement brewing, it’s hard to turn away anything useful when baby arrives.

Naturally, your girlfriends will have a baby shower in your honor. They’ll bring their resources together to afford you with new mommy necessities. You may feel overwhelmed at first, but your gratitude will soon override those thoughts. Everyone will want to take part in the festivities; you’re bringing a new life into the world. When the baby is ready, you’ll be ready thanks to the generosity demonstrated by your loved ones.

A feeling of obligation may affect you. So many people celebrated your pregnancy and gave you gifts to help you prepare for the future. And even once the baby is born, they’ll continue to shower you with diapers, new outfits, and the like as it takes a village to raise a child. All these presents in your honor could encourage you to spend more on others for birthdays and holidays as a form of repayment for treating you with stuff to help with the newborn.

Forget about it. Having a child doesn’t mesh well with most finances. The people in your life are aware of the costs a new mother will endure. They don’t seek to be repaid with more extravagant gifts from you. They sought to help you, not harm you (or your wallet). Accept the gifts for baby and offer gifts for others’ annual celebrations without feeling you’re obligated to give back to those who gave to you.

You’ll probably find a gift for a Christening – typically a gown - offered after you discuss baptizing the baby. A Christening gown, just like all other offerings should be considered without concern for the price paid or feeling of indebtedness. These are presents for your child from the kindness of others. Rest assured, the gift giving will continue throughout the life of your kid. Don’t worry about returning favors now. Instead, wait until you can share in the joy of someone else’s pregnancy.


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