All About Hosting a Twin Baby Shower

Although you might think that a twin baby shower is just like a regular shower, there are some things that you should take into consideration. If you are organizing the shower there are five main elements that you have to think about: who, what, when, where and why.

Twin Baby Shower

When to have the baby shower for twins?

This element of the baby shower is a little different in case of multiples. This is because, although traditionally the baby shower takes place during the third trimester, you have to consider the fact that mothers with multiples often give birth before term.

In the same time in case of twin’s baby shower it is also possible that the mom will be advised to stay in bed and rest during the last period of her pregnancy. When planning the shower you have to make sure that the mom will be able to attend it and that she will still be active.

In case of the multiple baby showers it is best to have the shower before the 36th week of pregnancy. If the mother is having triplets you shouldn’t have the shower after the 30th week of pregnancy. If the babies get born before term, it is alright to have the baby shower after the little ones are born.


When it comes to the baby shower for multiples the ‘what’ refers to the gifts that the mothers would like to get.


Consider that a mother with two or more newborns doesn’t really have time to prepare food, and so you could help her with this. There are professional companies that can prepare meals that the family can store for longer periods of time.


We all know that mothers like to get diapers, because this is something that they always need. If you are organizing a multiple’s baby shower you should consider that the mother needs twice as many diapers than she would with a singleton. You should think about diapers in different sizes and also about diaper supplies.


While usually the babies are in the center of the attention at the twin baby party, sometimes it is a good idea to have it all about the mother. She’s been carrying around a lot of weight that most probably affects her so she would be thrilled about receiving some pampering.


No matter what style or theme you choose for the twins’ baby party you should make sure that the new mother will have a lot of pictures and mementos from the party. It is a very good idea to create a scrapbook for the parents with memories from the party.


If you are wondering about the location of the baby party for twins you should know that the pregnant women with multiples might have limited mobility during the later stages of their pregnancy, so the mother shouldn’t have to do too much traveling.

Now you know all about the twins baby shower and you know about the things you have to be careful about.


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