New Dad Gifts: Things He Will Enjoy

While it is quite easy to find gifts for the new mother, when it comes to new dad gifts things could be a bit trickier. If you want to make sure that the new dad will like his gift, you just have to think about the things that he enjoys, such as hobbies.

New Dad Gifts

Gift basket

There are a lot of different kinds of gift baskets that you can choose from. One of the baskets that you might think about comes with a book containing quotes, pretzels with honey, dipping mustard, lemon cookies, cheese spread, crackers, gourmet coffee and summer sausage.

Barbeque set

In the majority of the cases men like to take part at barbeques and so this set may become the perfect new dad’s gift. It contains a pail, two bottles of sauce, a shaker of rub, a book, basting brush, and flexible skewers. As you can see the set comes with everything that a BBQ party may need.

iPhone cases

To make sure that his phone will be personalized, you may offer this one of the new dad gifts. They come in numerous different styles and colors.

Pocket knife

Another great gift idea for the new dad is a pocket knife with a personal touch. For instance you might have the initials engraved into the handle of the knife. Look for those knives that also have a light so that the new dad will be able to use it in the dark as well.

Personalized cooler

This is a good idea for gifts for new dad because it is something that the entire family can use. It is just perfect to keep the beverages cool when the family goes to a picnic or to the beach. The father can keep the beers cool during fishing.

Personalized T-shirt

If you feel like you have absolutely no idea for new dad surprises, you should think about offering a personalized T-shirt. Since we are talking about a new dad, the text on the T-shirt should refer to this fact. For instance you may have on the T-shirt ‘Proud dad’ or something of the sort.

Car wash kit

Let’s face it: men like their car, and so when it comes to new dad gifts you might be thinking about a car wash kit. This comes with a personalized canvas bag, washer and squeegee, mop brush, wash mitt, sponge, and dry cloth. With this kit washing the car will become easier and more fun.

Photo frame as present for a new dad

Considering a personalized photo frame is also a good idea. You could add a funny text to the frame, or something like ‘the best dad’ or ‘cool dad’. The gift becomes even more special if you add a photo to it as well.


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