Get Creative with Party Favors for Baby Shower

If you are the host of a baby shower, for sure you are thinking about party favors for baby shower.

Although usually women have in mind something small, you should consider the practical side of these favors and look for items that the guests will actually be able to use.

Party Favors for Baby Shower

Cupcake towel

Just as the name suggests in this case there is a towel rolled up in the shape of a cupcake. There is also a cherry on top of the towel. The good thing is that the cupcakes come in different ‘flavors’, such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry with towels in matching colors.

Ice cream towel

Just as in the previous case of baby shower’s party favors, in this case as well the ice cream actually consists of a towel. There is a cone and the towel is rolled up to have the shape of a real ice cream.

Salt and pepper shakers

This is one of the most interesting party favors for baby shower of them all. There is a salt shaker in the shape of a daisy and the pepper shaker in the shape of leaves. You can place one item on top of the other and it will look like a ceramic daisy. This favor is just perfect if the theme of the shower has something to do with flowers.

Tea lights

These are nice and delicate party favors for a baby shower. The best thing about them is that they come in numerous different colors and shapes. For instance there are the tea lights in the shape of cherry blossoms. These are suitable if you are celebrating the arrival of a little girl.

Cupcake candles

Looking for party favors for baby shower is always sweet and it could become even sweater if you opt for favors of this kind. These are regular lights in the shape of cupcakes. They come in different color combinations. For the favor to match the baby shower, you may have sweets as your theme.

Cookie cutters

Usually you have to offer baby party favors to women who most probably bake from time to time. Using this as a starting point, you might be thinking about offering cookie cutters as party favors. For instance these can have the shape of a bird or anything else that is suitable for the theme of the shower.

Hot cocoa or apple cider

If you would like your party favors for baby shower to be memorable for the guests, you should think about something that everybody likes, such as hot cocoa. Offer this in a muslin bag with a personalized picture on it. You can be sure that the favor will be unforgettable.

Caramel corn candy

When it comes to favors for a baby party you should consider that people usually like sweets and so you could have caramel corn candy in a special, personalized wrapping.

There are a lot of party favors for baby shower to choose from, just find the perfect one.


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