Choosing the Right Twin Baby Shower Invitations

One of the best things about being pregnant is having a baby shower. If you are organizing a shower for someone who is going to have twins, you have to think about twin baby shower invitations. The truth is that there are a lot of good ideas that you can choose from.

Twin Baby Shower Invitations


One of the cute ideas that you could use is to put the image of a crib on the invitation and have two babies in the crib. This way you can be sure that the guests will understand the hint and they will know that the mother will have twins. Usually there is a boy and a girl on the invitation.

Baby face

When thinking about shower invitations for twins baby you could have something simple in your mind. Just have two babies on the invitation, one of them in pink and the other on in blue. If you happen to know the gender of the babies, you could ‘dress them up’ accordingly.

Building blocks

Another simple idea regarding the twin baby party invitations is to have building blocks on the cover that spells ‘twins’. For instance you could have a brown background and have pink and green building blocks. In this case it is best to opt for pastel colors.


To make sure that the guests will understand the hint given by the party invitations for twin baby you could have a text saying that there will be two babies. Think about something like ‘oh boy, oh boy, it’s double the joy’. It is best if there is a rhyme that will grab the attention of the guests.

Pea pod

One of the cutest things that you could have on the party invitations for twins baby is a pea pod with two babies in it. This kind of invitation works best if the color scheme of the shower also includes green. This way you can link the invitation to the shower itself.


When people see onesies they can be sure that they have baby twins shower invitations in hand. One of the ideas that you could use is to have onesies and other baby items added to a string. Naturally there should be two of every item to make sure that the guests know that the mother will have twins.


There is nothing more suitable for shower invitations for twins than having two strollers on the invitation. This suggests to guests that they will be attending a baby shower even before they read the contents of the invitation and they will also understand that the mother will have two babies.

Gift box

A really creative idea for the baby twins’ shower invitations is to have a gift box on the invitation. Have two babies in the gift box. If the babies have the same gender, you could paint the box accordingly.

As you can see there are a lot of ideas for twins baby shower invitations to use.


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